It’s Baaack

There has been a big lead up to a blizzard coming our way. Nine inches of snow were predicted for my area. Nine inches is too much for my snowblower to handle, but I’d still like at least a few more weeks to ski so I watched with anticipation all day.

I prepared for the downfall by deciding to spend the day writing. Frustratingly enough, I know the main jist of what I want to write about but am running into issues with how much backstory there needs to be. So I have very little to show for all the time I put in and am too written out to come up with anything clever, funny, or moving to put into this blog post.

Worse yet — no snow. I scoffed and complained, because there was nothing but a lot of wind at my house. Oh, ye of very little patience…

The snow arrived around 5 PM. A bit of a white out.

Nothing distracts Java from her stick, however.

In response for requests for haircut photos, I have to admit that I may have exaggerated on the “gorgeous” comment. My hair actually doesn’t look much different, just a tad shorter around the face, which brought out a few more curls. Oh, and no smile because those photos turned out too dorky and faky-smile looking. This is my serious look.
I tried to photoshop in bangs to see how that would look since everyone on TV seems to be sporting bangs lately. However, some of us should just say no to the bangs, although it would cover up the double-deep worry crease between my eyes.

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  1. OH man! That last picture took me by surprise:-) You look a little like a sexy Russian spy or something…very intimidating. You really could ‘take me down’! I seriously do like the new layers and the way it waves around your face. I think maybe some shaggy partial bangs would look awesome and fit the cut. But what do I know? I have crotch hair on my head! Anxious to see it in person:-)

  2. I have bangs, yet still manage to look constipated half the time, so, no advice from me. Love the layers though! 🙂 Yay– ski season is saved for a few more weeks now!

  3. Constipated!? LOL Now that is an adjective that has never come to my mind when I look at you! Especially after all those Samoas, for cryin’ out loud!

  4. I’m so sorry. I heard about all the weather ya’ll were gettin’ but it sure looks like a party for Java!!!

    I love your layered wavy do and you were wise to say no to bangs! Heeehehehe!!! You are beautiful girl!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  5. Your hair looks great! Nice to be able to PShop bangs in. I never had enough patience for bangs. Java seems happy to have more snow too. She has some wonderfully furry paws.

  6. Lori – I’ll have to check out how many inches you ended up with.

    Kathleen, kathleen, kathleen – You must stop saying such things. No don’t! You make me laugh. Wait until I put on my Russian hat.

    Sue – Did I hear skiing?! I was tempted to go today but the roads were pretty slick. It was treacherous enough trying to walk with Java.

    Nezzy – Yes, Java loves the snow. I took her for a walk and while I was stumbling and trudging along. She was bounding and jumping up in the air. Oh, to have such bouncy energy.

    Jill – I was kind of surprised how easy the bang touch up was. Nice way to try something out. Those furry Java paws really collect the snow balls.

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