Time to Reboot

Mississippi River

November was about taking photos and writing (almost) daily. It was about not freaking out about my job and worrying about how all of our efforts (my and my coworkers) were going to turn out.

Workwise, we’re still not done with the race, but we are hitting the home stretch. And so I’m wondering what December is about, if it has to be about something, which I think it does, as I’m feeling groggy-headed and unbalanced. Like someone stumbling out of a cave into too bright sunlight.

I need a change in eating habits. The solution for working long hours appears to be donuts for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and chips and ice cream for dinner. Time to move out of grab and gorge mode.

Challenging myself with something seems like the only way to clear my head and get back to some kind of place of not feeling like $#!+. Maybe just more of what I’ve been doing – photos and writing – only with a vision of where I want my practice to take me.

Maybe just emptying my head for a bit and not doing so much thinking…

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  1. Oh how I can relate to the bad eating habits! One that I need to improve on as well.
    Great title…time to reboot! Always the perfect time of year to do that. I find myself more drawn to starting a “new year” with the winter solstice…

    1. This has to be the toughest month to try and improve your eating habits. I hear it can be done though. 🙂

  2. I find that challenging myself is the best way to get out of the early winter funk I sometimes experience. For me, it doesn’t need to be a big challenge, but something simple like “I’m going to take photos at sunrise almost every day this month”… But then, December is also the month of making gifts from my photos, and that ends up dominating December every single year.

    1. Ha! December is the month I always ‘plan’ to make gifts from my photos, only it never happens. I have a plan again this year and am looking at the calendar with a worried eye.

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