Maery Rose

Hi! I’m Maery Rose. I write essays, short stories, and am currently working on a memoir about my adoptee life. I have been published or have upcoming publications in 101 Words, Allium, a Journal of Poetry and Prose, The Campus Eye, and Minneapolis Star Tribune. I was also a recipient of a Loft mentorship in Creative Nonfiction. 

I grew up in Minnesota, which is where I still live with my dog Latte, two chickens, a pond full of koi, and my partner, who, bless his patient soul, puts up with my roller coaster ride of ideas and moods.

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sunset in the desert
my happy place

In case you’re curious…

At birth, I had different parents than the ones that raised me. If my original parents would have kept me, I’d have grown up to be an Arizona cowgirl.

I reunited with my original family in 1998. Both my birth parents have since passed away, but I’ve been blessed with five siblings. Well, most of the time they’re a blessing…

I inherited a horse-love gene from my birth parents and had horses until the fall of 2017, when I lost my dearest horse, Luke. Osteoporosis and pain have put an end to my riding, but in my mind and heart, I‘m still a horsewoman.

I have one adult son who lives in New York. When I visit him, I like to pretend I’m a well-known writer, visiting my agent and promoting my books.

horse and woman
In loving memory of Luke: 2002-2017
dog standing on a rock
In loving memory of Java: 2009-2021