Day Two – Much Snow

I spent over an hour clearing the driveway this morning. Came in and while I was pouring myself a cup of coffee, the dang snowplow came by and filled the end of the driveway back up again.

Since my truck’s gas tank was empty, and I could start working right away if I just sat down at my computer, it seemed prudent to work at home.

Shy curls up on one side of my office chair, and Java on the other side. I have to be careful not to roll over them.

My job has been intense lately, but in a good way. I’ve had to quickly learn two new software programs – one software is used to create online tutorials; the other software is a learning management system (LMS) where I can organize the tutorials and track who is using them and how they are scoring on the tests.

I like the challenge of learning these programs and I’m excited about all the things I can do with them. My boss keeps trying to reign me in on going all coolness and futuristic – just Git er done! But I have to throw in some designy, techno-gizmo stuff.

I am discovering that the creative writing that I’m doing on my off hours is intense also. I get so wrapped up in it! I sit all day at a computer, then sit all night too. And I have a hard time stopping my work once I get started so I don’t get much sleep.

So I’ve decided I need to start forcing myself to take breaks. To get outside everyday and get on my elliptical when I can’t get outside. I need to ride Luke. I need to relax once in awhile and refuel.

So when I was reaching some sort of zombie state from staring at the computer screen and having to read sentences out loud because I couldn’t comprehend the words silently, I decided it was time for Java and I to go on a walk.

We walked over to the Mississippi River, of course. It was a bit icy so it was slow going. And I hadn’t thought about how deep the snow would be on the unplowed walking path. I was soon wishing I’d worn my snowshoes.

Java took a moment to contemplate.

I got quite a workout trudging through the deep snow and I thought Java would be worn out too, but she was still raring to go when we got home.

I, on the other hand, had to blow out the driveway again. My neighbor was pulling out the big guns.

I keep hoping someone will take pity on an old lady in her fifty’s. It must be because I look so much younger that they ignore my pleading looks. Yeah, that’s it…

And just in case the snow has got you down (if you live where it has snowed) or the rain (if you live where it’s been raining), here’s a group that Terri Windling posted on her blog, The Drawing Board. Terri has many beautiful things to look at and listen to and read on her blog. And this tune put a smile on my face and got my toes tapping. I hope it does the same for you.

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  1. You truly have a knack for making winter beautiful… thru your words and pictures …. long after the rest of us are ready to hang it up for the season. Thanks for sharing.

    I work from home every Friday & I usually have 3 dogs at my feet. Its so nice to have a fan club.

  2. I love the photo of Java’s face in the air, with the red ball in her mouth ~ perfect timing on your part! I wish she could talk because I am pretty sure she has a lot of wisdom to dispense:-) The river looks cold and unwelcoming. My son used to break off those chunks of ice along the shoreline and ‘surf’ them downstream. Of course, I did not know this until years later, but it still gives me chills knowing he did that! Whenever I look at the frozen shores I think of that. Oh the folly of youth! Yikes, I sound old;-( And for sure Maery, your neighbor does think you are a strong young woman. Try putting an AARP sticker on your baby snowblower and see if he comes over:-)

  3. In my book the work always goes better if it’s a little ‘pretty’. Why don’t bosses get that????

    That Java look like she’s havin’ the time of her life!!!

    Ohhhh girl, those tree shots are magnificent!

    God bless ya and enjoy your day sweetie!!!

  4. I am envious of your neighbor’s snow thrower/blower. I so wish we had one that large. Scraping with the tractor is great until you get those large icy, two feet tall, walls on either side of the road. It feel like you are traveling through a tunnel. We missed the snow….only rain. Java and Shy are so cute. Enjoy your beautiful snow!

  5. That first photo of the trees with the snow stuck to them is gorgeous! It’s so stark but so expressive.

    I love seeing Java in action too. It’s amazing what energy dogs have, isn’t it?

    I hope that the snow slows for you.

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