River Views and Gratitude

The days are a bit longer, but it’s still a challenge to take Java for a walk after work before the sun sets. Tuesday, Java and I did our speed-walk down to the river and caught the sun just over the trees.

As I was busy snapping photos, a couple teenage boys walked by. One smiled and commented, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I love watching the river.”
I had to agree.

The ice has melted off the river surface. I almost stepped onto what I at first thought was snow-covered shore, then noticed the cracks. It was more like a sheets of snow ready to drop off into the river.

On the opposite side of the sky from the sun, the moon was visible.
I was glancing through some of my notes today. You see, I almost always have the program Notepad open when I’m on the computer at work so I can jot down thoughts and ideas that come into my head to look at later. Of course, after work I’m on to a whole bunch of other things.
I must have hundreds of files of thoughts I’ve jotted down and never looked back at. Silly me.
I opened one of the files from January, a month when it was bitterly cold. I had made a list of things I was grateful for. It helps me to do this when I feel sorry for myself and I’d just spent a ton of money on a new furnace; money that I’d planned to put in savings for travel to another country – I hadn’t decided which country yet, but it doesn’t matter now anyway, does it?
So to combat my blues, I jotted down a list of things I was grateful for that day:
  • Good, dark coffee, all brewed when I got up.
  • The timed coffee maker that brewed the glorious coffee.
  • A fenced in yard to let Java out into.
  • My car started this morning.
  • There wasn’t much traffic. Maybe other people’s cars didn’t start?
  • The weather is “refreshing”.
  • I have a new furnace and a warm house.
  • It’s not windy out.
  • It’s very sunny.
  • I don’t have to be outside cleaning stalls anymore, and trying to get the tractor started and the water pump in the barn to run.
  • Someone brought bagels and danish to work (oh, actually not thankful, as I’m trying to lose weight).
  • I have a good job with decent coworkers.
  • And a sweet, cuddly, warm Java to sleep with.
And today what am I grateful for?
  • I’m always grateful for my friends.
  • And for a phone call from my son. I kept telling him, “I’m too busy to talk. I have a really important deadline to make at work!” But then I keep talking and talking because it’s so good and he makes me laugh without even trying. And he lets me rant. Until I finally say, “Stop talking to me! I have to go!” and then I start talking again.
  • For my friend Sue’s recommendation of someone to relayer and reshape my hair. It was quite the drive but I am so gorgeous now.
  • For being able to work at home from time to time. It’s a long story, but we had a little water problem at work and the sound of water vacs and fans and cutting up drywall… well, it’s been a bit distracting so I took a break and worked at home today. So MUCH better.
  • For the warm temps and that I didn’t fall down on the ice that’s coating every sidewalk and path around.
  • That Java is not pulling on our walks. Could there possibly be improvement?!
  • And that you guys put up with my rambling on and on…

P.S. For sure check out Sue’s 2/16/11 post which has photos of Minnehaha Falls all frozen, and her brave Dad that took a walk with her there. Breathtaking icy beauty!

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  1. Years ago Oprah asked everyone to keep a gratitude journal and write down five things each day you were grateful for. It changed my attitude and my life. When your lookin’ for things that are good it totally changes your days.

    I loved readin’ your ‘happy’ lists and girl your pictures are awesome, as usual but that first one…WoW!!!

    God bless ya and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

    BTW: Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day…Pass it on………. :o)

  2. I am anxious to see you new ‘do’ and I agree that you should post pics:-) I am thankful for you and that you share your ramblings:-) Kathleen

  3. Those types of lists are good for helping change a mindset. I started some once in which I was supposed to focus on all the positive things that happened while I was working with my horses. The idea was that after a while you build confidence because you can see all the things that went well. I have a tendency to ruminate over the one thing that ruined my day.

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