Rum River Dam and More Puppy

I was on some sort of picture blitz this weekend, and not just of dogs. I took a walk across the Rum River bridge (below) to get to a platform by the river’s dam.

When you look over the side of the bridge, you see the structure below. I’m not sure what it is but it looks pretty cool (it’d look better without the graffiti).

There were some ducks paddling around. The three boys in the water look like they are synchronized swimming. Note that the more macho drake standing on the ice is the one with the dame.

I thought the duck on the right appeared to be walking on water, and that he was amazed himself at his feat (or is it feet).

Call me warped, but my idea of a good time is to try to catch the power of water in a photo. I want the photos to look like the water sounds. I can’t pull that off but these pictures were fun to experiment with.

I love drift wood almost as much as the water it comes out of.

This sign shows the history of the dam.

So those were my non-dog shots. Now onto the really important stuff. 

Today, Java and Latte (I’m trying that name out for now) were running up a storm as I cleaned up dog food byproducts out in the yard. They move so fast, and Java is usually several yards ahead, so it’s hard to catch them in a photo together, but I tried.

Java showing off just how big of a stick SHE can carry, while Latte sticks her tongue out at her. Aahh, true sisters…

Latte tries REALLY hard to keep up. Look at those little legs go! 

Java is feeling the disadvantages of her thick coat.
While Latte seems pretty unfazed, and she managed to have her own stick, thank you very much. 
I think her ears will be like Java’s — one will be up sometimes, but most the time they are both down.
I took both Java and Latte for a walk in the cemetery — controlled, quiet environment. Latte has only been on a leash a couple times to walk around the pet store and she wasn’t getting the concept, but she did better than I expected out walking with Java.
Walking two dogs on leashes was quite an experience in coordination. After about the fifth time that Java was tripped and tangled up by Latte and her leash, Java looked rather imploringly at me to which I responded, “Hey, now you know how I feel all the times you’ve done that to me.”
Puppy justice.

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  1. It’s great that Java has a buddy to hang with and share his sticks!!! Great pictures girl…especially the ones around the Dam.

    God bless and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

  2. I am so excited that you got another puppy!! Latte is just adorable and Java looks like she is having so much fun with the new addition!!!

  3. Latte is so cute! Java looks very happy to show Latte the fine art of play. The Dam is very interesting and I can hear the water from your photos.

  4. Both girls so cute. Like the names.
    I imagine it’s fun to watch them getting acquainted.
    Great shots all around… quite an afternoon!

  5. I like “Latte”. Has it stuck?

    Great, fabulous, Java and Latte photos. I love seeing little Java’s legs moving so fast. Her face is so expressive… Wow, you must be having a blast!

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