White Knuckle Drive Home

It was one of those white knuckle, clenched jaw, leaning forward drives home after work today. I knew the snow was coming, which is why I went to work earlier than usual but somehow it didn’t click in my brain that it would be better to drive the truck than the Mini. Although, the roads have become so narrow with the snow plows not quite clearing more than one and a half lanes on side roads, that the Mini does a better job as far as fitting through a tight squeeze.

At least people were being careful for the most part because the roads were slick. There were quite a few accidents on the freeways, which is why I opted for the slower, but safer side roads.

Java and I were supposed to have an obedience class tonight but it was cancelled. Thank goodness because I wasn’t planning on venturing out again anyway.

So of course when I arrive home all stressed out, I cook. I don’t know what to call this, since I just threw in stuff I had laying around. I cooked up some onion and garlic, threw in some chicken breasts to brown, saw 1/3 of a small bottle of burgundy cooking wine in the frig and threw that in. Then I added spaghetti sauce while I boiled the angel hair pasta. Threw the mix on a plate and added some grated up cheese.

For something thrown together, it tasted really good.

I needed some aroma therapy too so I lit the candle I won in the hula hoop contest.

And for after dinner, I made expresso and mixed in some frothed up eggnog. That tasted pretty good too.

All this was meant to gear me up to go out and blow some snow. Java listened intently to all the snow blowers thrumming in the neighborhood.

Alas, this chick is thinking that she’ll wait until morning. I’ll probably regret that decision when I have to leave my nice warm bed extra early, but oh well…

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  1. I thought of all the unfortunate people that had to drive in that mess. I am so thankful you arrived home safely:-) You should add food photography to your list of ‘things I do well.’ It always looks so present, like I can smell it through your post. Wonderful! I agree, that last photo is really awesome Maery:-) Hopefully, we can get together between Christmas and New Year’s ~ a holiday toast would be nice:-) Kathleen

  2. Lori – The temperature rose quite a bit so the biggest problem was ice but somehow that didn’t seem to cause the same congestion.

    Laurie – I love the snow but the shoveling and driving, not so much.

    Kathleen – Not much time to fit in a meeting up between Christmas and New Years. I think I’ll need some friend support after my son leaves.

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