Java is a GOOD Dog!

Java spent her first day in the kennel today. A realtor was coming for a walk through the house, so I figured it was as good a day as any to give a full day a try.

Java seemed to be just fine when I got home. But I don’t think she understands that she can go to the bathroom in the kennel. The whole point of putting her outside is that then she wouldn’t have to hold it so long. Yet she doesn’t go to the bathroom in there, even after being in there for 11 hours today. Maybe pick up a pile from the yard and put it in there so she knows it’s okay?

She sure was excited when I let her out! Jumping up and down, dropping at my feet for belly rubs, running out a ways, then running back and body slamming me. I need to break her of that habit.

I threw the frisbee for her and she caught it 4 out of 5 times, 2 times with all four feet off the ground. She’s gotten pretty darn good.

And I gave her huge, gigantic, truck loads of praise when a neighbor dog passed through our yard and Java greeted the dog, but when I called her, she came running right to me! I almost passed out in shock!

dog with ball

It’s really busy at work and at home right now. I stayed up until midnight cleaning last night for the realtor visit. I don’t know why I bother. But that’s not much different than most nights as I’m up until 11:00-12:00 and then I get up at 5 AM to get ready for work. Really tired.

If I can just get past the standup training I’m doing on Wednesday and Thursday next week, I’ll be hugely relieved. I hate to live my life according to milestones to “get through” but that’s kind of the way it is right now.

Hopefully, one of these days I’ll have positive milestones like writing a draft of a novel, revising the novel, submitting the novel, getting an agent, being published, appearing on Oprah. It could happen!

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  1. Is this the same Mary I was reading a few months ago??? Wow, you have changed! You are much more independent and seem to be making it…stronger than ever! So glad the kennel is working for Java. You did the right thing. Sorry your schedule is so demanding. Wouldn’t it be great if your job was writing novels and you could stay home?

  2. Lori – I have to admit that I deleted the paragraphs of angst over reported sightings by coworkers of my husband and his girlfriend out in our previously shared social scene. But I also hear that I’m much prettier. 😀

  3. Java should eventually go potty in her kennel. A lot of dogs don’t like to go on the concrete, especially if they are used to going in grass or dirt. But she should get used to it. If she has to go, she’ll go. It could take her some time to figure out that it is okay. You could try putting some of her poo in there, to see if it helps her.
    When I worked, our dogs would sometimes be locked in the garage for 11 hours, and they held it, just because they know not to go in the garage.
    Other than the not going potty in her kennel, glad you got to leave her in there for awhile and I totally understand the excitement of seeing you. Mine do the body slamming too!
    Hope everything calms down for you at work!

  4. Sounds like you have trained Java too well. On the other hand I would not like to eat and sleep where I poop and pee, maybe she is just a clean freak like me! LOL

    Have a great day!!!

  5. Java is growing up and learning her recalls! Way to go Java!

    You might try taking her to the kennel when you know that she’s planning to ‘go’, like just before bed. Another idea would be to put some wood chips or something in a box in the corner to help her get over the worry about going on concrete.

  6. Yay for Javabean!!! I’m so happy she’s liking her kennel and responding to recalls!
    Big hug your way!!!
    p.s. of COURSE you are prettier!!!!!!



  7. Hey Mary, It sounds like Java is doing great! She probably wants to keep her space clean. She will go when she can’t hold it anymore. You could put a plastic tray of grass in one of the corners..or a piece of sod..or maybe a piece of astroturf..then you could change it when it gets yucky. Let me know when you get scheduled for Oprah! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the great ideas on the kennel! I think I’ll try putting shavings into a plastic tray and see if that works. It would make cleanup easier too since I was concerned about cleaning up the concrete and not having it get smelly right under the deck.

  9. Dogs by nature don’t go to the bathroom in their den where they sleep or eat, which is actually a good thing and part of the reason for crate training, so it’s probably better that she doesn’t’ just anywhere in the kennel. It’s a great idea to have an area for that like people suggested. It’s great that she’s doing so wel wtih it all. You guys are going to make it through this time stronger too and eventually it won’t be so crazy any more. 🙂

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