Hot Dog in the City

Okay, I’m kind of in a posting frenzy and was trying to save this for Thursday but I haven’t shown any Java antics in awhile. Who knows, I might get all busy again and you won’t hear from me for a month.

We’ve had a few hot days again and Java needed a cool down. She wasn’t appreciating the dirt in her pool however,  or she may just have been practicing her dog paddle, which is kind of hard in such a small, shallow pool. I only put in a couple excerpts. Believe me, this went on for a loooong time.

If you aren’t sure what nunchucks are, here’s a little demonstration. Rated PG for violence.

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  1. Definitely practicing for Dogie Paddle Summer Olympics. You go Java!
    She cracked me up.

    God bless and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

  2. I’m just amazed no one commented on the Bruce Lee clip. I laughed myself silly on all the funny sounds and facial expressions. Didn’t like the ending though.

    Java is pretty silly too. I’m hoping to put in a bit bigger and deeper pool that she can fit her whole body in an comfortably lay down. She seems to enjoy herself no matter what though.

  3. OMG– the laugh I needed today! Hilarious!! Incidentally, Shy was merely demonstrating how cats don’t stoop to what they call “parlor tricks.” Hee hee.

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