Trail Photos, a Reading, and Fencing Day 1

I just had to post a few photos that one of my fellow trail riders took. I so rarely get photos beyond the ones taken between Luke’s ears.

Not sure if you can very clearly see the bridge behind me, but I was pretty happy about getting over it without any problems.

I think I was digging for my camera or a snack in this photo. Very serious biz.
Smirking? Or perhaps cheeks full of whatever I dug out of my pack?
I look dorky but I think Luke looks great in this photo. He’s put on some muscle.
And the infamous back view…

Last night, a friend and I went out for drinks and appetizers before we went to a reading at The Loft across the street. A fellow blogger, journalist, and writer named Laurie Hertzel recently had her book “News to Me” published.
She is now busy doing all the interviewing, readings, and publicity stuff that goes along with being published. She had a great turn out and did a wonderful job entertaining us. Below is a photo of attendees enjoying food and beverages after the reading. You can see better photos at Laurie’s blog.
Today was Day 1 of my fence installation

I have a few privacy fence posts up and the fence panels are ready to go up tomorrow after the cement dries. The privacy portion is only 3 panels. The rest of the fence is black coated chain link. If the weather cooperates, the rest of the posts should go in tomorrow.

The steps on this side of the deck will be removed. Eventually, when I can swing it, the area between the deck and fence will be all rock with some kind of water feature. I’m dreaming of boulders, a small Java sized pond, a few plants, and water cascading into the pond to help drown out some of the neighbor noise and make a peaceful oasis to sit by. A lot to ask out of such a small space, but I think it’s doable.

I was hoping the old playhouse in the photo below could be fixed up to use for my gardening supplies and to have as a place to repot and start seedlings, but it’s too rotted and will have to be torn down, along with the little bit of fencing around it. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll put up a new shed or perhaps put in a fire pit or just plant some more bushes and plants out there. The building right next to my shed belongs to my neighbor, so there’s not a lot of room to work with.

I can’t wait to see how the fence looks by the weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed that it will get done.

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  1. Luke looks great!! Don’t you just love trail riding picture’s? I always get caught off guard too. I’m not photogenic anyways so it doesn’t help when people start snapping photos when I am doing something dorky.
    Looks like you have a great start on Java’s fence!! Can’t wait to see it when you are done!

  2. No dorkiness there girl. Both you and Luke look fantastic. I can’t wait ,as I’m sure Java is anxious, to see your backyard fence. It’s gonna be great and I love the plans ya have for creating your own oasis.

    God bless ya and have the best day sweetie!!!

  3. hey, great picture from the Loft event. i was stuck in the corner signing books and didn’t get to mingle with anyone, but i can identify several people in that photo, including my little brother and the infamous Joey, who figures in the book.

    that playhouse is adorable. it’s too bad it can’t be saved.

  4. Everyone has said what I want to say already! Luke does look great, sorry the potting shed is rotten, as it looks like it is out of a story book.
    I like your idea for putting in a little pond for Java. Great solution and she can go in and out. It sounds like you are doing very well….so glad to hear it. Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing the yard. You are going to have one happy dog.

  5. Luke looks fantastic! Such a beauty. Glad you had a great ride and Luke did well over the bridges. A ride like that is what it is all about. It is a shame you are going to have to lose the shed! It is so cute. I also think your idea of the water feature is a great one.

  6. Your life sounds so full and rich ~ almost no room at all for Sadness and Depression. Hopefully, they will pack their bags soon and leave. I admire your strength. Java is one lucky dog to find his home with you. What a great idea for the water garden! Does it feel like ‘home’ yet around there? I hope so:-) Kathleen

  7. Nezzy – Thanks. I’m just never happy with how I look in photos or otherwise but I do appreciate that I look relaxed. It’s been awhile since I’ve had that look.

  8. Laurie – Yeah well the money I was going to spend on rebuilding the playhouse will go for a pond instead. It think I’ll get more enjoyment out of that. It was good meeting you and good that you had so many people show up and buy your book.

  9. Lori – The fence is looking pretty good so far and Java seems to get the posts and not go outside them even without the chain link completely up.

    Jill – It was such a great park to ride in. I can’t wait to do my next big adventure!

    Kathleen – I am staying pretty darn busy, aren’t I. And it does help. The house is coming together and the more I work on it, the more it feels like my home.

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