Friends Like These

I got together with some friends the other day and they gave some rather “unique” belated-birthday gifts. There was also a candy necklace in the goody bag but I already ate that. There is one gift in there that I’m not going to call by name or I’ll get all sorts of weird Googling traffic. My friends are pretty funny aren’t they? Our faces hurt after the laughter workout we engaged in.

Another friend instance this week came in the form of an opportunity to participate in a clinic where an experienced dressage judge will watch participants ride a test, critique the ride, offer helpful hints, then people can ride the test again to try out what they learned.

This is occurring at the barn I board at, so there will be friends riding and in general the “Good Girls” of dressage will be there. If you’ve ever competed in dressage, you are probably aware of the “Bad Girls” of dressage.

I swore I’d never ride in a show again. And now I have an off-the-auction-block, mutt horse rather than the warmblood I used to have. I love Luke dearly, but what good can come of showing?

As I expressed my reluctance to take lessons or go to a show, one of my very wise friends told me, “I know the frustration. I think that is always there; we try so hard at any [dressage show] level. I think the horse is teaching us to be happy where we are at.”

Hmmm… happy where we’re at… hmmm… that sounds familiar. Isn’t there a similar statement in my banner?

Some things are not strong points for either Luke or I, but I shouldn’t get so frustrated over those things. I need to remember our strengths. I need to remember that my main love is trail riding. But the dressage piece is something I find valuable for training and focusing. And most of all, I look forward to hanging with the Good Girls of Dressage.

In response to my worry that I’d take a valuable spot at the clinic that a “serious” rider could use, the friend who is organizing the clinic said, “No lesson is a waste of your time nor is your experience and desire any less or more than anyone else.”

Another example of my stinkin’ thinkin’ — don’t get in the way, don’t be a bother, you don’t belong with “them”. It’s not like I’m being generous or humble. I’m being annoying. It’s a form of reverse “specialness”.

So with this weeks experiences with wise women and true friends, I wanted to write a poem about friendship. Even if it’s not very good, I hope you enjoy the heart-feeling of it.

Oh, and even if you are not part of  the stories in this post, thoughts of you were still passing before my eyes as I wrote this.

Friends Like These

I never thought I’d have
Friends like these
Black ash and all

You know how messy
Ash can be
But it comes from fire
And we all have been burned
A time or two

Good friends
Are like magic mirrors
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s not a loser
Not at all?”
“You aren’t Maery.”

They are a comfort
A cheering squad
Gently honest
Reining me in
When I cannot see

The best thing
About friends
Is not what they give
But what they
Happily receive

To experience
What you are
What you offer
To be a gift
Someone treasures

I never thought I’d have
Friends like these
Black ash and all

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  1. Love the poem. Truly.
    The gifts they gave you made me giggle right out loud. I love friends with a great sense of humor.
    The friends I have now locally tend to be prudish and too polite.
    I miss my old high school girlfriend and my friends I left behind in South Carolina.
    When we were together, not more than 5 minutes would go without one of laughing. I was younger then. If I hung out with them now, I’d be sure to pack a few extra pairs of panties….and maybe a Poise pad or two. lol!


  2. Ah…I feel so privileged to have made your blog in such a special way:-) I’m glad you like your birthday gifts, because it was great fun to select them for you. We were giggling like ninnies in the store! And you are so right, my face hurt when I got home too, but that is a good thing:-) Your poem is so beautiful, really and I hope you can truly believe that you are a gift and that I do treasure you. You’re one of those women that make me so happy to get to be a woman. You do us all proud! Kathleen

  3. Twisted sisters of the tribe unite! Was so happy to get to hang out and celebrate with you, and to be part of your circle of friends. Love the poem, and especially that picture of you— right in the middle of a batch of cool, fun looking women– laughing. A very joyful photo. Very happy for how things are turning out for you. 🙂

  4. So much fun to share an evening with good friends …relaxing, laughing, and just goofing off.

    Love your poem!

    With all your talents, you have so much to give and share…thanks!

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