Progress of Some Sort

I went to a play on Thursday called “The Scottsboro Boys” at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. First we went to the Kindee Thai Restaurant. I had the Drunken Noodle, which was fabulous!

I didn’t know the Scottsboro boys story until I looked it up before going to the play. I had the feeling the play was not going to be “fun” as it was about a trial that took place in the early 30s in Alabama. Two white girls accused 9 black males of raping them. Even when one woman recanted her story, the sentences merely went from death to life imprisonment. One boy was only 13. Even though all but one man was released from prison eventually, the stories of their post imprisonment life were pretty tragic too.

The unique thing about the play is that it was told by a group of men in the form of a minstrel show. So there is song and dance and humor, but it was a form of humor where you laughed but then looked around, unsure whether laughter was really appropriate.

Great play! Great job by the actors! Well written! And I’m glad to have heard the story, but it was tough to swallow and left me feeling kind of haunted afterwards.

Here is a photo taken from the Guthrie lookout area of the historic Minneapolis riverfront district.

Saturday was a treasure hunt of sorts. I was trying to find a low bench or table to go under my living room window to put my cactuses on. The cactuses were outside but cold evening temps are a comin’. I found a table at the French Flea Market in Anoka and added a couple place mats to put the plants on.

Then at Nic Nac Paddywacs I found a stool to match the one stool I had. The new stool is on the right in the photo. A few inches need to come off the legs to get it to the right height but how cool is that match?

But here’s what you’ve been waiting for, a fence update! Fence day 2 — the privacy fence and gate are up.

Day 3 — the posts and one side of the chain link are up.

These are the posts at the back of the lot.

And the posts on the side that leads to the gate.


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  1. Oh, I just love the name “Nic Nack Paddywacs!” Your house looks so warm and inviting. ‘Lookin’ good!

    I’d sure say there is progress bein’ made, now you can really take advantage of that beautiful deck and watch Java enjoy his freedom in that back yard. It’s great!

    I’m thrilled you go to go out and enjoy some of the weekend. I’m very curious about a ‘drunken noodle’! :o)

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!!

  2. Your fence looks great! I know that Java is eagerly anticipating that fence! Amazing that you found that stool to match your other one. I can just see your pond and waterfall feature next to your privacy fence. It would be neat to be able to dangle your feet into the pond while sitting on the edge of the deck.

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