Testing the Knee

Saturday, I went on a 3 mile walk with Java. It took me 90 minutes at my relatively slow pace.

I spent a lot of time working on getting Java to heel. I usually let her walk in front of me as, honestly, I just get tired of yelling at her to heel and jerking the leash. It’s not much fun for either of us. But at my snail’s pace and my need to not get jerked or thrown off balance, I wanted Java to pay attention to where and how fast I was walking. A good training exercise for both of us.

Walking seemed to relieve what feels like a continuous Charlie Horse cramp in my right calf but it made the side and back of my knee hurt more. I also discovered that the way I’m walking and tightening up in reaction to the pain is causing pain in other parts of my body, like my good leg.

I did the same walk today with Java and I cut my time in half as I concentrated on walking more loosely and long, more like I normally do. I was still conscious of the pain, although it wasn’t as bad as yesterday and once again, the pain eased up quite a bit in my calf the longer I walked.

So I’m hoping I’ll see a big improvement in the next week. Always hopeful…

I wanted to share some photos I took on our walks.

Is is a bird? Is it a plane?

dog staring into space

No, it’s those darn dark clouds again.

cloudy sky

You want to take a picture of me?

dog smile

How about a closeup?

dog nose

A moment of sun, resulting in nice reflections in the river.

reflections in river

Not much Fall color left, but still pretty.

river in the fall

I don’t know… I just thought this looked cool. A spider-web of stark branches. Very Halloweenish.

tree branches spider webbed

And finally, some nice, homemade soup to take the chill off.
bean soup
Writing Progress

I’ve written about 17 pages so far, some of it is just outlining and setting up scenes and characters, and some of it is actual story. I know I’m going to have some fizzle out periods so I’m letting the words fly while they feel free to do so.

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  1. I love the photo of Java by the river. Beautiful!

    I’m glad that the leg is loosening up. After way too many bike crashes in my life, I’ve learned that if there’s no obvious serious damage, movement is usually good. From what you wrote, it sounds like the walking didn’t hurt you – so that’s good news!

    Keep on writing!

  2. Great pictures!! I hope your leg is feeling better! I have had a pinched nerve somewhere, I think in my back, that is shooting that terrible uncomfortable pain, numbness down my left leg. It is getting better though. It only bothers me when I sit down.
    Glad to hear that you have gotten some writing done! Keep it up!

  3. I am so glad your knee is feeling better. I pulled a groin muscle runnin’ across the winter wheat pasture trying the head off two freight liner bulls Saturday. Never done that before…..never want to do that again. It’s just very painful. How is your shoulder doing?

    Take care and try not to do too much. Haha! Farm life, that like sayin’ don’t eat again…ever!!!

    Have a good day!!!

  4. Maery…I could go for a bowl of that soup. Sounds like your knee is improving. Really, those pull up ace bandages that go over your knee would really help…from the drug store…try it.

  5. KB – At times, my leg feels like there is something seriously wrong with it, mainly in the morning. But it does seem to loosen up so I think it will be okay.

    Paint Girl – Pinched nerves are no fun. Sound like your sciatic nerve, although that’s more in our hip I think.

    Dusty – The soup is good and I have enough to last me all winter I think!

    Nezzy – Ow! Groin muscle bad! The should seems to be getting stronger with exercise and not such sharp pains from just opening a door. Your right, the work doesn’t take a break and wait for you to be pain free.

    Lori – I tried a knee support I had laying around from a popped knee cap but it wasn’t right for my current injury so I’ll have to see if I can find something less rigid.

  6. That soup looks fantastic…(I’m a big soup supporter)
    Wow, you are flying by me with the writng Maery…and it looks I won’t get to it tonight either.

  7. Great pics as always, and WAT tO GO on the writing! Go you! I agree with KB– keep moving! I’d had torn cartilage, and a severe stress fracture, so my leg has been pretty messed up. if you don’t have anything actually torn or whatever that needs surgery, you need to keep moving to fight arthritis– which it seems can be reversed with excorcise. (mine was)

  8. Far Side – It was a pretty weekend and it sound like the one coming up will be even better.

    Lynn – I’ll be cleaning the house for the next two days for a showing on Friday so I won’t be writing either.

    Sue – The knee was feeling better until I started cleaning the house – all those stairs and bending are not helping.

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