I’m in Love

It’s a tawdry affair, this love I have with Oboz, who cushioned my tootsies over rocky paths.

Kept my feet dry when snow meltdown turned walking paths into streams.

And protected my ankles from twisting when loose rocks and sand slid my feet into undesirable positions.

Sadly now, the new love of my life sits idly by the back door, not knowing how they fit into my routine, now that our exciting adventure is over.

I look around my usual walking haunts and cannot find a path we can take together. Wait! Here are some rocks!

But oh no!!! What’s that lurking in the bushes! Aagh! A foot eating turtle!

Perhaps I need to post a warning sign lest someone wander into my yard unaware of the dangers that lurk there. I can use the sign below as a template…

What about climbing my retaining wall?
It’s kind of like the sides of these mountains.
Only not so high and we don’t have any hazards like this down below.

Ah yes, Oboz and I have such unforgettable memories; so many sweet moments together.

I’ve been a bit wistful since returning from our camping trip so maybe it will help to relive the experience in photos.

Our campsite was right by a stream that was moving so swiftly it sounded like a strong wind blowing through the trees. It provided much needed white noise that blocked out most of the campground hustle and bustle.

Lesson Learned: I wanted to stay somewhere that at least had a vaulted toilet. Next camp trip, I would choose a rustic site and do without that luxury. Without too much more hassle, we could bring a port-a-potty.

The campground was fine. In fact a mother moose and her two babies ran through one day. What an exciting and comical sight that was! I’m guessing they perhaps liked this area of water where there was lush greenness to munch on.

And there were a number of decent trails that connected up to the campground.

But it was hard on us (especially the Brew Babes) to have different people, dogs, and children at neighboring campsites switching out almost every day. We were probably the only campers that stayed for more than two days in one campsite. And there was no privacy whatsoever in which to tie a shower bag to a tree and not feel like you had an audience of 30 people watching you bathe. Sheesh!

But the Brew Babes enjoyed their first day of hiking.

And took turns rock climbing.

Latte! You look like the altitude is wearing on you!

That’s better.

Important newsflash: I did a guest post for Vision and Verb called “Someday” that touches on how I almost didn’t take this wonderful trip because of things that came up and my usual insecurities. I’m so glad I went ahead and took the Colorado plunge! I think that decision has freed me up in many ways. Plus I’m so excited about being a guest writer on another blog so I do hope you’ll stop by and check it out.

And Roxanne Hawn also wrote about the hike we all took together on her blog Champion of My Heart which is about life with a fearful dog and the work she does with Lilly. I was very impressed with the work that Roxanne does with her dog’s fears and plan to try a few techniques I saw her use with my sometimes nervous Latte, who is a bit uncertain of strangers.

That’s it for now. Little by little I’ll weed through my photos and use the best ones to tell the rest of my story.

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  1. Wow– Looks super fun. I’m sensing you’re going to figure out ways to get back to the mountains whenever possible?? Glad you and Steve had a good time and all went well with the babes. 🙂 BTW– I want a copy of the mountain lion poster, but I’d cross off the words mountain lion and write “inertia” in their place.

  2. So happy to hear how much you loved CO. When I feel sad about not having a vacation, I remind myself that people come here for their vacations … so it isn’t so bad.

    Lilly and I loved hanging out with all of you. I’m sorry Lilly had a meltdown, but (for us) that’s real life.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip in such a beautiful part of the country. I’m glad you listened to your sister. =)

  4. Thank you Maery for the sweet words about Bumble. I can’t tell you how much everyone’s kindness has meant. I really liked your piece on Vision and Verb. The photos of your camping trip are amazing and I am so glad that you took that plunge.

  5. Thanks Chantal!

    Sue – I’d sure like to go there again but there also other places to see, many of which also have mountains and hiking trails.

    Roxanne – All dogs are a work in progress. So are people for that matter. Colorado is gorgeous but you do need and deserve a vacation. I hope you get one soon.

    Thanks Toni. My sister has something smart to say every once in awhile. I’m glad I listened to her too.

    Jill – I hope you are taking everyone’s words and wrapping them around you for comfort. Bumble stole the hearts of so many people.

  6. I love the idea of a mountain lion poster on my property! I might do that!

    I recognize some of your photos. How cool is that?

    Your feelings about the campground pretty much sum up why we always do “dispersed” camping, in solitude, rather than campgrounds…

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