Just Call Me Bandito.

I was given more exercises for my shoulder and pretty rubber bands! One is yellow and the other is red. They look kind of silky, and I’m thinking I can use them as colorful scarves when I’m done with the exercises.

I need to work on my scary Bandito facial expression.


I love the model they used for the exercise sheets. I showed a few of them to my boss who has a similar hair issue. I told him he could have a whole new career as an exercise model. My boss didn’t think he could pull off the tight shorts.

shoulder exercise

I wanted to ask my physical therapist about my knee, but it’s so busy there and I suppose the physical therapists don’t want to talk about an injury and recommend exercises for something a doctor hasn’t looked at.

I think I tore or strained the tendons that run on the outside and back of the knee and also my calf muscle. Those are the places that hurt. Just so I can still snowshoe and ski this winter!

Writing Progress

I’ve got 29 pages or 7913 words. I’m still doing things to define where I’m going – conflict, foreshadowing, turning points, blah, blah, blah. But I’m writing little scenarios as they come to me.

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  1. Wow, you’ve written a lot. That’s impressive.

    In my experience with PTs, they’re glad to check something out and tell you whether you need to go to the doc about it. If you don’t need a doc, they’ll recommend some simple things to try. But, I’m sure that it varies from one PT to another.

  2. I agree with KB – I love my physical therapist. I would much rather ask him to look at a new problem than my GP. Plus, maybe you’ll get an additional Theraband scarf. One can always hope!

  3. Yep, ya got that scary Bandito would send me runnin’ for the hills! LOL

    You probably need to say something to PT just so they won’t give you an exercise that would further injure you knee. Most are very willing to help with problems other than those written in their script.

    I’m so happy the writing is coming along well. I am so excited for you…anticipation is gettin’ to me!

    Have one terrific day!!!

  4. gives new meaning to sit down and ride.. i mean sit down and write!! 🙂 well done

    you look fearless my friend
    onward and upward

  5. What I want to know, is when do you find the time to squeeze in writing? Hope your shoulder is doing a little better each day…your knee too.

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