Happy Almost Halloween!

Yes, I can certainly tell that it’s almost Halloween. The gremlins are out and they seem to have something against my mailbox about this time every year.

damaged mailbox

Although, it’s not just me. All the way down the road, there were other dented mailboxes and some must have been knocked clean off as they were bungy-corded back onto their posts this morning. What can you do?

damaged mailbox

And of course, it’s raining again. Me, when I’m stuck in rain traffic, I like to take rain photos. Well, I was at a dead stop, at this point I’m accelerating.

driving in rain

How about the car in front of me? Or is it a cruck (car truck hybrid)? I think it was an El Torino but I thought if they had a truck bed they were La Rancheros. But what do I know. You can see I have my GPS going just in case I get lost while taking photos.

driving in rain

My posts may be few and far between as I gear up for a month of novel writing. A few of you have expressed your wishes to write a book someday. You guys are great writers so I say, go for it!

I have a book that I’m using in this endeavor called, “Book in a Month” by Victoria Schmidt, Ph.D. Besides giving good advice about writing, I think some of her advice could be applied to just about any area of your life. I was reading about resistance today and it says:

“Taking a risk implies loss of control; otherwise there would be nothing to risk.”

“Most of our writing blocks come from lack of self-trust… We wouldn’t get upset, worried, angry, accusatory, or anxious if we trusted ourselves to deal with whatever might come up, in any situation.”

I think I’m going to be learning about a lot more in the month of November than just about writing a story.

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  1. The dreaded mailbox crushers! Every now and than we have that through our entire neighborhood. My OH ends up dodging mailboxes all over the road. We have been fortunate and have never lost our mailbox, but we live pretty far into the neighborhood, so I think the munchkins that are responsible, quit by the time they get to our house. I would hate to have our mailbox destroyed, it is one of those expensive locked mailboxes.
    The dreaded rain, yuck. We are into another series of rainstorms. Again. It is never ending rain around these parts.
    Good luck with your writing!!

  2. Oh, the lovely mailbox bandits hit around here too. I have had mine bashed in many time. Sometimes they leave me presents like empty beer cans or bottles in my mailbox. The next farm down set a post deeeeep into the ground and someone put a chain around it and pulled it out then ran over the dang mailbox.

    Best of luck on your novel, we are all pullin’ for you. Have just the best weekend ever!!!

  3. Those mail box baseball bat bandits! They go through here from time to time. We finally got the strongest mailbox ever. I think that it might break their bats!

    I like your quotes at the end. So very true. It’s going to be a fun adventure for you!

  4. Here we go girrrl!
    I’m glad you found that quote, I LOVE it too. She has a lot of good insight and the book could be a good tool for us both.
    At least once a year some idiot plows their own (or a parents’) car into every mailbox from here to ANOKA. Last year they left parts of their car…and they got nabbed because of it. Alcohol was involved, ofcourse, this is why I’m a bit leary of Halloween on a Saturday night! There oughta be a law!

  5. I guess the baseball bat beating is better than the year the mailbox got beaned by a pumpkin so there was smooshed pumpkin everywhere too. I can’t believe someone would go to the trouble of hooking up a chain to drag one out post and all. If only they could put that kind of determination to good use. And hitting mailboxes with a car, well, drinking I guess explains the brains behind that one.

    Thanks for the writing well wishes. I need them! Must have positive attitude… I am getting excited about it and will keep you posted!

  6. I suppose our mailbox will get it one of these days too.. I used to have a rubbermaid one..that one held up fairly well. Good Luck with your writing project.. you will do great! It started to snow here this afternoon..at least it was different that the rain:)

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