A Study in Trees

“The best time to plant a tree was always 20 years ago. The second best time is always today.”

— Chinese Proverb

I was looking for a photo and ran across the photos taken of our house when we were doing our pre-buying walk through. The dirt in front of the pine trees is from the previous owners having to put in a new septic system. That’s their horses that are out in the paddock and they had a t-post fence.

Okay look closely at the pines back then:


And the pine trees now:


Quite the difference. I didn’t realize they had grown so much over the years. I sure like the view off the deck better now.

It was a very dreary day today but the temps were in the 50s. After church and all the singing I did this morning – (We sang EIGHT songs! Choir is fun!) – I needed a walk in the woods.

Even on a non-dreary day, this is pretty much what it looks like everywhere this time of year — your basic brown. Makes me long for snow to brighten things up.


To give the eyes something to look at that doesn’t put them to sleep, it helps to focus in on some of the details. I’m wondering if this is what is called artist conch? Or do I just call it white fungus on tree bark?

tree bark fungus

Then there were these crows that were watching Java and I suspiciously and shouting warning cries to their pals.

crows in tree

I think this oak wanted to be a saguaro cactus when it grew up.

oak tree

And then there were a couple opportunities to shoot Java while she was sitting still. What a pretty girl!


As for the Chinese Proverb at the top, I think it’s referring to a lot more than just trees.

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  1. The trees have really grown. How long have you been there? Glad to hear that you are singing…I sure love it. How many words have you written?

    Have a great day. It is sunny and gorgeous out there. Did you find something to do for Thanksgiving?

  2. Lori – That’s 7 years of tree growth. I haven’t really written anything lately. I’ve had too many other things come up lately. I’m going to my cousin’s for Thanksgiving.

    GP – I envy those trees with strong roots.

    Roxanne – I didn’t know altitude would make a difference with tree growth. I think our trees breathe in all those manure fumes and feed off them.

  3. Those trees grew up fast! 🙂 Does it bother you that they block your view of the horses? I love the pictures from your walk, fall can be so lovely, even in it’s brownness and bleakness!

  4. Roxanne – Well, that’s what’s kind of surprising is that it has been so dry here for the past four years I’ve been afraid the pines would die, but they must be a hardy lot.

    PG – The blockage is a bit of a bummer as I can’t catch the horses and photograph them running around and mock fighting with each other.

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