Thanksgiving Prep

Even though my cousin is supplying me with a Thanksgiving feast, I still like to make my own turkey at Thanksgiving so I have leftovers for soup and sandwiches and such. Plus, I still had the turkey I received from work last Christmas to use up.

So I started thawing the turkey a week ago, with the intention of making it last weekend. However, when I pulled the turkey from the mini frig in the basement, it was still pretty frozen.

Anyway, it finally thawed and I made it after work Monday evening. It should have taken about four hours, but it was falling apart after three and the internal temperature had reached the desired 180 degrees.

baked turkey

I love making turkeys. They are easy and provide the fixings for a variety of meals. Part of this will need to be frozen and thawed as needed.

cut up turkey

I’m supposed to bring some bread for Thanksgiving day. I haven’t made my own bread for awhile so I decided I better do a practice loaf and if it bombed, I’d go buy some bread.

I make up a large batch of dough and then make small loaves as needed so they are fresh. Some batches of dough just aren’t as good as others. This time, I used whole wheat for half of my flour so I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out.

I think it turned out pretty good. Now that this batch of dough has been tested, I think it will be safe to make about three small loafs and serve them to someone besides just me.

bread loaf
Java approved of the bread too. She always gets the bread butts.

dog getting treat

I should have made a double batch of cookies so I could bring those too. Alas, there won’t be enough of these left by Thursday to bring them.


I’m planning on picking up a pie for Thanksgiving also. Maybe next year I’ll have more time and more know how and I can make a pie from scratch too. I haven’t made one since my childhood when I used to help my Mom make apple pies from the apples off of our trees. Yummm!

I’ve got a few days off for Thanksgiving and I’m debating about putting up Christmas decorations while I’ll have some extra time to do so. But I picture a Christmas tree with no presents underneath it and no one to sit by it with me on Christmas morning and that mind photo does not look very jolly.

Java enjoys a Christmas tree because she can steal decorations and chew them up, which is why I put the ones made out of felt on the bottom branches last year.

Maybe wrap a few presents for Java and a few things for myself? Like cross country skiis for me and a skijoring harness for Java?

Note for Maery’s Family: By the way, if you are feeling sorry for me (and who wouldn’t) and want to send me something, good salsa would be appreciated. They just don’t carry the good stuff in Minnesota, at least not that I’ve been able to find. I like the stuff with cilantro. Oh, and from my niece who’s the photography genius, I want photography lessons next time I see you. Or a CD of you and your Mom singing would be wonderful. And son, I want a drawing – come on, you can do it for me.

How about you? Have you already started or are soon starting to put up the Christmas decorations and do Christmas shopping? Do you go all out on Christmas or just small and low key?

Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. All your food is making me very hungry! I love turkey, you can do so many things with it after the big meal!!
    I will be getting the Christmas decorations down this weekend, and hopefully getting my tree up. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! We will be having a very low key Christmas this year, with me having been unemployed for 4 months, and my OH not working as much overtime, we are really poor right now. So very small gifts, now if only we could get my OH’s parents to stick to the plan!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I’m cooking the turkey tonight. I never decorate until after Thanksgiving. All the food is making my tummy growl. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    God bless ya’ll!!!

  3. Maery Rose…you are one nasty baker!
    Yum is right. We are on the quiet end of Christmas when it comes to shopping. There is absolutely nothing we need, so we have a huge Christmas Eve gathering here at the farm with around 30 people and just sit by the fire and relax. Good food and good friends. One of our daughters lives in town and the other is in Nevada…our whole family is seldom together for the holidays.

  4. PG – I think low key is good, makes you use your imagination more. I think framing a photo for someone or making a CD of music you know they’ll like are great gifts. I hope your Thanksgiving is yummy!

    Nezzy – I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. I’m betting your busy prepping right now.

    Lori – Sounds like the best kind of Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Bread butts? Love it! heheh!

    Ya know…..down here in New Mexico, we have shelves and shelves of good salsa….with cilantro. (hint-hint)

    And don’t forget the green chile, too!


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