Here Comes the Sun!

That’s the sun behind that cloud. And it actually came out for long periods of time today.

After I got home from church, had lunch and threw my sheets in the washer, I took Java for a walk around the neighborhood.

Melted snow and rain has filled up wetland areas.

Farmer fields are covered with puddles, I’m sure much to their dismay.

I have my own puddles going at home. My left boot got sucked off in this mess and my stockinged foot landed in the sludge. Yuck!

Java enjoys the puddles but I don’t enjoy what they do to her and she got a bath today.

The horses believe they are at a spa and have been taking mud baths.

After grooming they look…

A little better. They really need a bath but what would be the point?

The riding ring is getting drier so maybe I can ride soon. Although there are predictions of more rain and then it’s supposed to turn cold again and snow. But they could be wrong…

Java was a little warm with the sunshine and temps in the 50s. Her snow mountain is now a snow ant hill but Java is still enjoying cooling off on it and chomping on a branch from her stick collection.

With a little digging effort…

Java found a bone she’d brought outside. Total score!

Once again – exhausted. I’ve been dealing with stress and all the unknowns in my usual way, keeping busy and moving. But now it’s time to call it a day. 
Goodnight all!

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  1. I’m so longing for the blessed sunshine to hit the Ozarks too. It’s been dreary for waaaay to long.

    You animals are enjoying romps in the mud but I know that boot stuck in the mud thing all to well.

    God bless and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  2. Java and her little stash of snow. I love it! lol!

    Tell her to come here and she can play with Zuni, our GSD in our 9″ of fresh snow. 🙂

    The horses seem to love the mud. Yours still look fuzzy, too. I can’t wait to see smooth, clean glossy horse coats, too. Come on summer!
    Forget Spring! Spring has too many sneaky surprises like snow and rain and mud.

    Boot sucking mud is evil stuff. bleh!


  3. Wow, spring has arrived in a big way there. It’s the same at low elevations near me. I drove down to spring (3000′ down) for PT today, and then drove back up to my snow-covered world.

    The horses look tremendous after grooming! What a job! I hope that your animals are keeping joy alive in your life.

  4. Its been so long since I have seen the sun! It rained and snowed this past weekend & been gloomy ever since. It has yet to get over 50… mostly hovering in the 40’s. I am getting so tired of this! I don’t remember a season like this… .EVER! Forecast calls for 62 & sunny on Thurs & then rain and snow again on Friday. I am going to scream!

    Your arena looks great! If you get some sunny days, you’ll be riding soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  5. Looks like everyone is hungry for sunnier, warmer days. Well, it hit 65 here today. Yippee! But the temps are dipping again next week. Boo!

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