Step – Ouch! Step – Ouch!

wooded path
Moving in little baby steps of separation, thinking that will ease the pain. Instead, each minor step brings another stabbing jolt. Ouch!

The latest step was to open my own checking account. Woo… hoo… I’m trying to distance, trying to stop thinking in terms of “us”. It’s working so well for me, don’t you think?
One more day spent working on the kennel and I should have it done. Which will be good because my hands are stinging and sore from getting scratched and poked by wire.
I fixed a couple downed electric fence wires in the pasture today too so I’ll be able to put the horses out there tomorrow during the day. Tonight, I put them inside their stalls. I usually leave them out all night, but they’ve been trying to reach the grass through the plastic fencing and I can hear the fence creaking under the pressure all night, which keeps me up because I’m waiting for the sound of a CRACK! and horses’ hoofs beating feet to the neighbors hay field. They already knocked one piece of fencing out the other day, but fortunately, didn’t break it and didn’t take off.

horses and white fence

Hopefully, I’ll get a decent night’s sleep tonight. And I’m going to lunch with a friend tomorrow so that will help brighten my week.
G’night all!

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  1. Good girl- one step at a time. My horse escaped once and ran through a neighbor’s barbed wire fence in the night. The vet had to come stitch his face up. So scary!

    When this is behind you you’ll be Mary 2.0- better stronger faster. The feeling of accomplishment and self sufficiency is something no one will ever be able to take from you again. You won’t have to be afraid of anything. 🙂

    Keep on. You’re amazing!

  2. I just wanted to see what a Cowgirl by proxy looked like and I’m glad I popped in. So sorry about your life situation but it sounds like you on the right path putting yourself back together again.

    As we say here in the hills and hollers of the Ozarks, ya’ll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

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