Did Someone Say Snow Plow Service?

“That some good can be derived from every event is a better proposition than that everything happens for the best, which it assuredly does not.”  — James K. Feibleman

I’m watching a movie “Home for Christmas” about a woman that’s living the good life until her husband decides to boot her to the curb and get engaged to a younger woman and the ex-wife ends up jobless, without health insurance, homeless and living in her car. Gotta love these Christmas specials. So heartwarming…

Ya know that snow I wanted? Well, we’re getting it and then some.

dog in snow

I spent a couple hours hand shoveling the steps, a path to the bird feeder, and then plowing the driveway with the tractor. My shoulders are toast. The constant lever manipulation of the tractor bucket torqued my one good shoulder. And as the day wore on with opening and closing doors blocked by snow and ice, carrying water buckets, and unloading feed, I am sitting here with a heating pad, egg nog and brandy, and a bottle of ibuprofin. 

I’ll be lookin’ for a plowing service. But I’ll probably still have to repeat the whole snow removal process all over again tomorrow since we’re supposed to get 4-6″ tonight and 4-8″ tomorrow. It’s questionable whether I’ll make it to my cousin’s for Christmas. We’ll see.

Java is lovin’ the snow. It energizes her (like she needed more energy).

dog in snow

Java’s so cute with Luke.

dog with horses

Java is constantly burying her face in the snow and sniffing. When she comes up for air, she looks like this.

dog in snow

She has a bit of a snowball issue on her legs and feet.

dog in snow

I tried skiing around the pasture. I climbed to the top of a hill and thought I’d glide down it but with my legs buried up to my knees in snow, I stopped moving after a couple inches. I had to keep lifting my skis up to dump the snow off.

I decided skiing wasn’t going so well but snowshoes were made for this stuff! And perhaps I could pack down an area to ski.

I walked the fence line, hoping it would be okay so I could let the horses out tomorrow and they could blow off some steam in the snow. They love to run in the powder as much as Java does. But I found this tree had fallen on top of a section. I may be Wonder Woman, but I’m not lifting that thing.

It started to get dark so no more skiing until tomorrow when the nice path I made will probably be covered up again.

dog in woods

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  1. The snow is so pretty, but is such a pain!
    Beautiful pictures of Java in the white stuff, and the one of Java and Luke, love it!!!
    Take it easy with your shoulder. Sounds painful!
    Wishing you and your family a very, Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. Your snowy pics are so beautiful to look at and it looks like Java is having a real blast in the stuff. Ya know the old sayin’ be careful what you wish for? Yep, ’nuff said.

    Be safe, snuggle in and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas dear one!

  3. This snow is too heavy…I shoveled for a while and my arms hurt too.
    I’ll bet the snow shoes makes it somewhat easier to get to stuff in this much snow.
    Merry Christmas Maery! Did you sing at church yet?

  4. Maery Rose…you have some great photos in this post! If you know how to handle that tractor for plowing, maybe you could get a job in your spare time driving large equipment. Cross country, snow showing, riding, skijoring! You are the true energy bunny. Hope your body is recovering.
    Did you make it out for Christmas?
    The new year is going to be a great one for you…I can feel it all the way in Brockport.

  5. PG – I wouldn’t mind the digging out but it turned warm so the snow is mixed with rain and is very wet and heavy and not much good for playing in.

    Nezzy – I’d still wish for the snow. In fact, I’m hoping for more with colder temps as this stuff is melting and turning into a real mess.

    Lynn – My legs got quite a workout in the snowshoes. The church choir sang on the 20th. It’s so much fun being up front singing and clapping. I may be shy, but when it comes to music, I like performing and seeing people smile and get into it.

    Lori – No one wanted to drive very far on Christmas so we’re getting together on Sunday instead. I sure hope you’re right about 2010.

  6. Merry Christmas Maery Rose..that photo of Luke and Java is really cute! I hear ya with the snow..but I heard you may now be getting rain..so maybe that will help..or not. Ours is heavy very wet snow too. gotta love winter in Minnesota. 🙂

  7. Just ordered snowshoes yesterday- on sale! Finding active stuff to do and being outside will save your sanity. It has mine! Great pics as always.
    “You’re so funny”– just kidding.

  8. Lately, I’ve been using snow removal as both exercise and stress relief. Boy, does that sound pathetic. But, it’s therapeutic, I guess. We didn’t get nearly as much as you did, though.

    Thankfully, we do have our own plow, so we can get our long driveway down to just a couple inches pretty quick.

  9. Far Side – The rain’s not good. It’s melting the snow I want to ski and snowshoe on and making a freezing heavy mess in the driveway. Fluffy stuff better. Merry Christmas!

    Jan – The pain is tolerable I just don’t want anymore damage since that doesn’t seem to ever heal. Hope you had a good Christmas!

    Sue – Yeah! Now we can ski and snowshoe!

    Roxanne – I know what you mean. I do some of my best thinking when I’m shoveling manure or snow. Sounds like your plow is more efficient that the bucket on the tractor which requires emptying every couple yards (loooong driveway) and the snow sticks to it.

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