This Time It Will Be Different

Another Fresh Start

The floors are rid of dog hair and dirt
Walking barefoot is disgust-free
An oily, aromatic glow rises up
From my dining room table

Dishes washed and put away
Crumb-less counters
Paperwork completed and stacked
Filing could happen
Miracles are in the air

I turn as if ritualizing the room
Facing the four directions
Smiling at the order and empty plains
It’s like some part of my interior
Has been decluttered
Calm settles over the kingdom

I vow to “Keep it this way”
I will wipe the counters and floor
Every morning
I will sweep up dog hair and sand
As it appears
I will not hide dishes in the dishwasher
Until I run out of forks
I will not let the unopened mail
Get lost amongst newspapers and magazines
No, I am a changed woman

Without dog nose smudge
There is nothing to restrain the sun 
As it pours through glass
Dropping unhindered onto
The sides and backs of sunbathing critters
Who litter my otherwise clean floor

I shade my eyes with my right hand
Gazing over calm seas
While I sip a cup of mango green tea

A domestic scene
Of peace and simplicity
Unhindered by distracting chaos
If only it could always be this good

But then it happens
It’s inevitable
The morning I oversleep
Or the cat throws up
And routine falls away
In ruins

I rush out the door
Dishes and crumbs everywhere
I arrive home
Too tired
To do more than walk the dogs
And collapse

It begins innocently enough
A bread board left out
Like a tongue saying “Aaaagh”
A pair of work pants
Draped bodyless over the side of the tub 
Muddy paw prints
Leaving a map of a dog’s journey

Once again
Chaos reigns
With an evil laugh
Until the circle of housecleaning
To real life and better things to do
Begins once more

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  1. Woohoo…Ode to house cleanin’…just my kinda poem!!!

    I truly enjoyed this sweetie!

    God bless and have a blast today my friend!!! :o)

  2. Don’t you think light is a great motivator? When the sun is beaming in the windows I go into action too. Like setting up the back porch, or changing around the furniture in a couple of rooms.

  3. Oh how I know the feeling…except I only have a bird and myself (rushing home, throwing clothes into bedroom and racing back out) to pick up after now…it get’s out of hand quickly doesn’t it? I so love the line “Like a tongue saying “Aaaagh”…just perfect.

  4. “A bread board left out
    Like a tongue saying “Aaaagh”
    A pair of work pants
    Draped bodyless over the side of the tub
    Muddy paw prints
    Leaving a map of a dog’s journey”

    These words are perfection! No more are simple objects without meaning. They now have a story to tell because you have breathed life into them.


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