This is My Brain

[WARNING! I think I sound a bit crazy sometimes, but really, do not be alarmed! My brain is just on high percolation lately and I’m letting go and letting it do it’s thing.]
Free thinking
Free writing
Living large
But not gluttonously
Make more things 
From scratch
Stop fighting my hair 
With expensive products
This one will work for sure!
No! No!
The hair will not be defeated!
Freshen the look
With accessories
That’s the answer
A colorful scarf
So many boots!
Necklaces and pins 
Piled one on top of the other 
A toss of the hair
Or would it be too short?
Wispy and romantic
Perhaps a drapey shawl
No, no
Dark sunglasses
Creative expression 
On the cheap
Just cut out meat
Beans and rice 
Jazzed up 
With fresh herbs
Grown in the bathroom
And laundry room
Mint tea
Curling up with a book
Writing, writing, writing
Daily photos
A slice of life
Candle light
Flickering shadows
Creative bloomation
Peace-filled reminders
Post It Notes 
Daily inspiration
Try something new
More days off
A down-filled comforter
Dogs curled in covers
Hot water bottles
That never grow cold
Hot chocolate
With whip cream
Moments of silence 
Feed the eyes and the soul
Catching sunrises and sunsets
Meditative walks
Horse mane
Wound through fingers
As I pull myself up
Letting go 
Of old dreams 
Wave bye bye
Look out!
Bigger dreams comin’!

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  1. That didn’t sound the least bit crazy-I followed all of it! Maybe I am the crazy one then? 🙂

    Sending lots of love your way!
    p.s. i love your hair-why do you fight it???

  2. Nothing crazy here at all. As a matter of fact – it sounds just like my brain…so many random but perfectly connected ‘thoughts! Wonderful post!

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