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I was hoping the next time I posted I’d be announcing that I had purchased a house and the process was running smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I ended up with a seller that really doesn’t seem to want to sell. I expected counter-offers and stressful negotiations, but I didn’t expect the sellers to simply not respond, leaving me to hang in the wind for a week.

My realtor is at a loss over the seller’s behavior. She’s had some nasty negotiations but nothing as frustrating as no response at all. Very passive aggressive and, dare I say, rude.

It would be nice if I could just walk away from this one, but it’s the only house (since the last nightmare with the wood foundation) that I’ve been able to find that I even remotely want.

I need a place to heal and the other houses I’ve looked at just don’t feel right. I’m trying to follow my instincts for once. But I don’t have much time since I have to move by July 23rd, but better to be homeless than be stuck somewhere I don’t want to be.

Do you think I’m maybe a little stressed? Actually, I’m trying to figure out why I’m still standing. And there was the evening where I kept losing my balance and falling into walls and knocking things over and scaring Java half to death. Scared myself too. And no, I wasn’t drinking. Fortunately, I haven’t had a repeat episode of that.

I’m working it out in my head what it would take to live in my truck for the next 6 months or however long it takes to find a house. I can put my stuff in storage. I can use work as my mailing address (I’m already starting to do that). Luke will be boarded and the trailer will be parked there. Java could stay with me during the evening and I could take her to a doggy daycare during the day. I hear you can park at Walmart overnight or I could just park at work where there’s 3 shifts, so who would notice? I have my sleeping bag that is good down to 35 degrees.  It would make a good story.

You think I’m joking don’t you? I’m not. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is what happens to Mary. You can change your name but you can’t change your karma.

And to top off my week? My internet connection quit working completely 3 days ago. It’s been off and on, mostly off, for about a month. The tech guys don’t believe me that it’s the humidity and rain but I swear it is. Since I only have a month left in my house, I’m not going to pay $85 to fix it. So at a time when I need to be searching for houses and am longing to read what’s going on in other people’s lives and to connect up, I have been cut off from the world, except when I’m at work or sitting at a coffee shop, like I am now.

I wish dogs could come to coffee shops. I hate leaving Java cooped up by herself any more than she already is.

Can’t look any farther down, so I’m looking skyward. We’ve had some interesting weather. Lots of humidity, some fog, rain, some severe thunderstorms and tornadoes north and south of my home. All of that, has made for some interesting sky watching (it really was orange).

I went trail riding this morning. I did my best to protect Luke from the annoying gnats and sprayed him for the mosquitos and flies. He was probably better protected than I was.

Once again, it was pretty cloudy. So much for the prediction of a sunny day.

I guess things could be worse. I could be this poor guy. Imagine how awful it is for a gorgeous cardinal to be going prematurely bald. All kidding aside, I feel really bad every time I see this poor boy. I’m hoping whatever he has, he doesn’t spread to the other birds.

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  1. Oh Maery. That has to be so tough. I don’t understand why some people even bother putting up their house for sale when they don’t respond to a buyer. I sure hope it works out!
    That sky is gorgeous. I don’t think I have ever seen one so orange!

  2. good luck. maybe the sellers are just out of town, or something. very bizarre behavior, though, if they’re not. good luck. i think you will not have to live in your truck. but i understand your need to get it all figured out in case you do.

    lovely lovely sky pictures.

  3. If you ever hear back from them..and counter their offer put a time limit on 24 hours. It is awful to be waiting and waiting..of course you are stressed. The Realtors should be able to find out what the hold up is..that is part of their job. Hang in there Maery..maybe you need to begin your house search least it is summertime and you won’t freeze to death in that truck:(

  4. I have put time limits on offers, but they ignore them and then what? They do not have a legitimate excuse for their behavior. I just don’t think they are very motivated to sell. Unfortunately, there is literally not another house in my price range in a decent neighborhood to even look at besides short sales and they take too long to close, although at this rate, I’m thinking spending 6 months waiting for a bank to accept a short sale offer is no worse than dealing with regular sellers.

    I do have other options for tiding myself over besides the truck. The truck is just more of an adventure and a whole lot more amusing.

  5. I’m sorry I’ve not been by for a while. Seems like you’ve been busier than me!

    Yes, that is pretty rude of those sellers. They at least could tell you they aren’t interested. hmmph!

    I’m sorry you’re having to deal with the option of living out of your truck. If it’s any consolation, my husband has been literally living out of his GMC truck for the past 2 1/2 months while he’s been working at the Philadelpha airport.
    It wouldn’t be so bad except for the horrible humidity! He says that’s a killer.
    He’s only able to fly home once or twice a month on his days off and when there are seats available (stand-by/space available airline benefits).
    He was hoping that he ould find a room mate or a room cheap somewhere, but that’s just not happening.
    He won’t be able to transfer back to Albuquerque until after Novemeber. So that will be almost EIGHT months living out of his truck! gah! That’s a long time.

    But there just aren’t any jobs here right now and we can’t and don’t want to move to the East Coast either.

    Tough times for everyone it seems.

    That’s too bad about your internet connection. Can you get WiFi, or whatever it’s called so you can get internet connection even in your truck?

    Do you know that many coffee shops in Albuquerque and Santa Fe permit dogs on their patios?

    Those skies are gorgeous! And your photos capture them perfectly!

    All that crazy weather sure makes some pretty skies.
    All we’ve got here in New Mexico, though is sunshine, blue skies and more sunshine. We sure could use some rain, but I’m not complaining.

    I’m glad you were able to go for a ride. Luke looks great! That’s too bad about the buggies, though.

    Did you know that buggies just aren’t a problem here in New Mexico? I’e never seen a mosquito here and we only get bad flies and gnats in monsoon season which only lasts a couple weeks in late July/early August.

    So, can you tell what I was hinting at?

    New Mexico is a great place to live…..

    We could be neighbors!


  6. I’ve been planning vacations to New Mexico for about 5 years. One of these days I’ll at least get there for a visit. I’d think I’d like to retire there if I ever get to retire.

    I did at least get my internet back. The lines just needed to dry out, at least that’s my theory. But no response from house seller so I’m on the look out again. Just feel very blah about my choices though. Nothing matches what I wanted or what feels right to me. I keep waiting for an answer to my prayers to drop in front of me.

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