Have You Done Your Taxes?

Occasion for Cussing

Numbers gather before me
Like enemy troops
They raise their rifles

I pull out my secret weapon
Turbo Tax
Certainly it will save me

If I can just find
My account websites
And remember the passwords
To print the forms
That hold the encrypted messages

Almighty Turbo Tax
Has the decoder ring
I place it on my finger
And raise my hand up high

And once more
I vow resolutely,
“I, Maery Rose,
will be better prepared
for next year’s attack!”

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  1. I fear not, I spent Friday just chasin’ rabbit ’round and ’round. Seems Hubs hasn’t brought me all the proper receipts. I seem to have no receipt for sorghum seed or rye seed and we planted both. Booger!!!

    I’m still spinnin’ my wheels on that one. Our taxes read like a novel ’round here and I’m responsible for ’em 100%. I’m twisted when it comes to organization so Mr. Accountant doesn’t pull the last of his hair out.

    Loved the poem sweetie.

    God bless and have an extraordinary week my friend! :o)

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