Seriously Silly

(My beautiful sister and I)

I Gotta Be Me

I put one foot out 
As if to step forward
Holding out 
One treasured 
Piece of self
In cupped hands

I pray for
Sweet welcome
Another feather
In my boa

The other foot
Stands in transition
One more
Gift pulled
From my basket

Another day 
Oh yes
A good one

I am the sum 
Of many moons and stars
With my own light to shine
Let it be a rainbow

Cross posted on Vision and Verb, where a collaborative group of like-minded women from all over the world share their passion for photography and the written word.

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  1. What fun this post was!!! Oh those precious smiles tell the story here!!!

    Loved the poem too!!!

    Have a blessed day sweetie and I’m so glad ya’ll had a great time!!! :o)

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