Warm Thoughts and Snowy Wishes

I came down with some sort of sinus, achy, exhausted thing on Christmas Day and have been laying low. Fortunately, I did get out on Christmas Eve and got to enjoy homemade pasta, beer and cheesecake with good company to boot. Eccellente!

I also got in a few pleasant walks with the Brew Babes before I was taken down.

I thought perhaps I had discovered Big Foot but decided this was probably someone with those crazy barefoot, minimalist shoes. Running with the barefoot feel is not my idea of pleasure. I need a lot of arch support and padding just for walking.

We also spotted a hornet’s nest. Thankfully, no activity.

The festive scarfs are courtesy of the grooming place where Java and Latte got their toe nails clipped (I had a coupon.) I may take Java back for their “Four-stage Shedding Process,” which sounded very industrial duty (and I have a coupon for that too).

(Java’s scarf looked a bit faded in the sunlight so I embellished the color. A girl’s gotta play with her Photoshop every once in awhile…)

It has been an unseasonably dry and dusty winter here in Minnesota. And I’d like to have a better attitude about it but it’s making me very cranky.

We’ve had a few dustings of snow but then it gets up into the 50s, like today, and it’s pretty much bye bye sprinkles.

Steve and I did a few skijoring exercises with the dogs on the street today. Latte pulled around a sheet of rubber with a rather confused look on her face. But I don’t have very high hopes that we’ll be skiing anytime soon. There is no snow in the foreseeable forecast.

I may end up biking the trails instead, but it’s hard to fit in both dog and solo outdoor activities, except perhaps on the weekend, but even then, challenging. And no, I’m not attaching the dogs to my bike. Thank you very much for the suggestion…

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays in whatever way you chose or were able to celebrate. If you were with people you love, that makes it good right there.

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  1. Merry Christmas Maery, we haven’t got any snow either and it’s so boring. There should be a law against green winters 😉

  2. We are without snow here too! I hate it! Although we are supposed to get 2-4 inches tonight…which is nothing and then back into the 40s. Just enough to create a nice mud bath. Glad you liked my sign. I have some more in the works. Some “normal” and some edgy. Latte has really gotten a more mature look about her. Adorable.

  3. Good for you noticing all the little interesting details above, around and below you. Those foot prints cracked me up. I’m surprised that someone would wear those in the winter. They are just rubber for pete’s sake! I need a layer or two of thick socks in the winter, thank you! lol!

    You’re getting cranky from now snow and I’m getting cranky from not seeing the ground for 27 days! I’m hoping our snow will melt this week. Temps are supposed to get into the 50s for the first time in over a month.


  4. These are some great shots! We took our Border Collie up North during the winter months last year for the first. Much to my surprise he loved the snow…we could hardly get him inside after a walk.

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