Taking Advantage of Fresh Snow

I took a mental health day today. Besides, I knew snow was coming and it would have been awful trying to get to work today.

Java and I went back to the park where we had gone for the skijoring clinics last weekend, and not a soul was there. Makes sense since it was still snowing and being pelted in the face was a little uncomfortable, plus, most people were working or in school. Poor saps…

Here is a mighty fine line out. “Good line out.”

We were about half way around the course when I took this photo, and it’s obvious Java was tiring after running most of the way.

I was skiing hard behind Java, breathing audibly and I could feel my heart thumping away. The snow was wet and sticky and it was tough going. I needed to use my poles often to keep myself upright when my skis stuck, while my upper body kept striding forward.

This isn’t nearly as pretty of a trail as the one Java, Lynn, and I were on at Elm Creek, but because of that, even on the weekend, it’s usually not very crowded and is a good place to train.

The parts that both Java and I enjoyed the most were the downhill sections. There were a series of hills that Java and I managed to get into a consistent straight forward racing mode. That was fun!

Slogging through sticky snow going uphill – not so much fun. We were both pretty happy when my Mini came into sight.

I did have one fall. Of course, I landed on my injured shoulder. It was not good. I’m icing and then going to take a hot shower. Next week I’m going to make an appointment to see a massage therapist and see if she can help alleviate some of the pain and maybe break up the scar tissue from old injuries. I’m pretty sure that last fall put in a new tear. Still planning on skijoring tomorrow though. I just will be sure to stay focused, as the fall was due to getting distracted, which was dumb on my part.

Tomorrow there’s a City of Lakes Loppet (cross-country races) that includes a skijoring race. It would be fun to go to but I’m more of a doer than watcher. I’d love to go hang out with the people though. I’m finding that the people who do these kinds of sports with their dogs are a fun, friendly bunch of folks.

If you’re interested, a news channel did a story in prep for the loppet that includes two videos that are a little goofy but do explain a few things and made me wish I’d gotten the skate skis. I thought I wouldn’t physically be able to keep up that skating for very long, but I really think now that I could. Maybe next year…

You might also want to check out the story  (go to page 26) in Central Minnesota Women magazine that my friend Lynn wrote about her experience with the NaNoWriMo that we participated in. There’s a photos of Lynn, Sue, and I with the story. I am definitely going to do NaNo again next year.

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  1. Good for you takin’ the day off and having a good time. You and Java really enjoy that snow.

    Ya’ll have a fabulously blessed weekend!!!

  2. Cool Maery– sorry about your fall. The hang factor is part f the fun. I’m the same with the mountain biking crowd. I’m not exactly a racer (yet), but like the vibe anyway. šŸ™‚

  3. Hey! It looks like Java is doing great. Sorry about the shoulder..the therapist busted up some scar tissue in my shoulder..it hurt terrible. I am still doing all my exercises..I can’t imagine falling on it..I would bawl. Take care, Ice on your shoulder is always good..just not the falling part:(

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