Good Fortune

Do you believe in magic?
Or that you should pay attention
to fortunes in cookies?
Do you believe you can do it?
Whatever “it” is?
Do you believe that a heart
That’s been broken
Can be whole again?
I do

Most fortunes that I receive in cookies are pretty darn lame and meaningless, but the one I opened today was a real fortune. This is a “good omen”. The missing “r” in “your” makes it all the better.

The gardening message came after I registered for a two day bee keeping class next March. All the arguments against signing up for this class — I can’t afford it; I don’t have the time; It’s expensive to get started in bee keeping; lots of hives fail; and I don’t know if I can do it — all fell by the wayside as I filled out the class application and pushed submit.

The arguments for taking the class ruled my mind — I’m really interested in bee keeping from a scientific, getting close to nature point of view; It would be great if having bees somehow helps my gardens do better; Jars of honey would make great gifts; There’s only one way to find out if I can handle bee keeping, and if I can’t, I’ll be happy having learned about bee keeping anyway; and the best reason of all… I love honey and it would be great to have homegrown honey on my home baked bread (this is my favorite loaf so far with pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds).

So there you have it. Big gardens. Bees. And big dreams.

And thanks for the ideas on handling my “real” job and my “for the love of it” job — writing. One idea I had was to set a goal to find one new place to write weekly (if I can pull that off) or at least monthly and making a big outing of it – a mix of a writing and photography field trip. Maybe a goal of trying one new fancy coffee drink per trip too.  Did someone say “road trip”?

And of course, I’d write all about what I find on these short jaunts. So anyone else looking for a good place to write, take photos, or get a good Latte will know where to go.

On second thought, is there any such thing as a good Latte?

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  1. A ‘good’ Latte is kinda like finding a good Pepper Nipper, huh?

    I may be old but I still believe in magic and that what is broken can be healed better than the original.

    That bread looks amazingly delicious!!! I’ll be right over with some fresh butter! Mmmmmmm

    Sounds like your gettin’ your mojo on there sweetie.

    God bless and have a most wonderful day!!! :o)

  2. Oh yes, there is such thing as a “good Latte”. You showed a picture of her!!!!

    Bees… very cool. We’ve talked about trying to keep bees but then there’s the issue of bear visits. It would be a big undertaking here.

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