Total Crisis in my Life!

Walkers Quadruple Chocolate Cookies
Costco has quit carrying Walkers Quadruple Chocolate Cookies! The cookies are made in Scotland but there was a website on the box so I figured, surely I can have the cookies airlifted to my home!

But no!!! Walkers website did not list the Quadruple Chocolate Cookies anywhere!
The closest cookie that I saw was the Belgian Chocolate Cookies, a far cry from QUADRUPLE chocolate cookies, which are made with Belgian while chocolate, Belgian dark chocolate, Belgian milk chocolate and to top it off have Belgian milk chocolate chunks!

I’ve been buying these things for at least eight months. They cannot do this to me!
How much pain and frustration is one human being expected to bear!

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  1. Did you do a internet search for them? I have to buy my St Ives bath soap online because the distributor doesn’t handle this ONE particular kind of bath and shower soap..I order many bottles at once.
    Those cookies sound yummy all that chocolate!! 🙂

  2. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Could it be that they dis- dareisayit-continued them?
    Or…could they have been testing the market at Cost-co (they do that A LOT)
    I smell a trip to Scotland!
    If it’s not scottish it’s CRAP!!!

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