And What Did You Do This Fine Weekend?

Before I continue on and on and on with my photos of New York, I have to tell you about my “To Do” list. Exciting, right?

Spring certainly does create lengthy “To Do” lists, especially if you are expanding your gardens and have a lot of house and yard maintenance to do.

I wanted to take lots of photos, maybe some videos, and capture the whole process, the idea being that at the end, it would be so amazing, people might want to know how I pulled it off. Yeah right…

A high priority on my list has been to tear down this old, rotting out playhouse that I’ve been using as a shed and replace it with a cute, non-rotting potting shed that I can actually stand upright in.

This is only a HIGH priority because it would be best to do the shed tear down and installation before putting the chicken coop and chickens in. I don’t think they’d much like spending their first weeks outside in a construction zone. The coop will be going in this area, off to the left of the new shed.

This is the coop in process. It’s primed and ready for painting. I’m getting the paint from the shed builder so they’ll match. After painting, the mesh fencing and roof panels (leaning against the shed) can be put on, and then the coop will be ready for the final touch — shingles.

The chicks are no longer chicks and look cramped in their stock tank so I’m sure they’ll be happy to go outside.

They’ve become so rowdy, making a total mess of their water. So now the water hangs from the tank cover to raise it up a bit (a Steve invention) and the water is so much cleaner.

This is Kona on the right. She’s smaller than the others and more skittish, but her head is at a more normal height and angle and she seems to be doing fine now. That’s pretty amazing to me after watching her go into convulsions and run backwards for a couple days.

Today, the old shed was knocked down. I cleared out  hostas and plants around the shed and replanted them elsewhere so they wouldn’t end up victims of the construction projects.

Latte and Java supervised.

Until Latte couldn’t contain herself any longer.

The area is looking pretty open and ready for refilling.

Did I mention that I’m adding four more raised beds? I still need to order dirt. I haven’t decided yet what to put between the boxes, maybe rock or something non-diggable.

Not that I have a digging problem or anything… I’m hoping to add a patio out the back door to avoid having the dogs set traps for me. Do you think I could just pave the whole backyard except for the raised beds area? Oh, and the blue container? Yeah, that’s covering up a hole that was exposing one of the sprinkler system lines.

Speaking of the sprinkler system… I can’t use it because there’s a leak that needs to be fixed, which the dogs discovered when the water bubbled up and they started, you guessed it, digging in it.

Did I mention that the deck needs re-staining? The front of the house needs painting too. Sigh…

To do, to do, to do.  I can’t wait until I can say “Ta da!” and show pictures of the finished results.

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  1. Yep, your to~do list sounds as long as mine and where am I right now???
    Ya guessed it! I walked by the computer and it screamed at me…

    No, really it did!!!

    Your chicks will be delighted to move into the coup and into the back yard. They’ll think their livin’ the high life for sure.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous week my friend!!! :o)

  2. Yep…when you’re a homeowner, your to do list is never ending. There is always something to repair or improve.

    And dogs can be very destructive. Can you create a dog run/play area for them so they can dig, run and play in there when you can’t keep your eyes on them?
    A friend of mine did that for her 3 big dogs and even placed a kiddie pool inside, filled with sand. She goes out there and hides treats in the sand to keep the dogs busy digging and playing in there instead of her pretty yard. The dogs love it and beg to go inside their play yard.

    And wow! Your chickens are almost completely feathered out. That new fancy coop is pretty amazing, but I’m kind of a minimalist and would have tried to repair and recycle that cute old shed and turned it into a chicken coop. Lots more room inside and your could have repainted it match the new potting shed, too.

    The new raised beds look great. I’ve been thinking about adding a few more, too. I better get busy because our growing season is rather short up here.


  3. Wow, things are coming along though. It will look so stunning when everything is done. You’ll have to have a party when you’re done! Partay!!! : )

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