The Worms are Here!

Aren’t they cute?! I can’t wait to start collecting their rich little poopings! 

If you look at the worms under a microscope, they look like this:

I think it takes six months before you actually get anything “out” of them but I figure with all the coffee grounds they’ll be chugging, they will be more productive than that. My seedlings await…

Here’s today’s poem:

Home court advantage
I hear the audible cheer
You cease to exist
My dire angel announces
Pack your luggage
Socks, underwear
Please do correspond
Won’t you dear?
Clinging memories 
Only I see
Ignore the gooseflesh
Prickles from scalp 
To toes
Blood-spattered image
Of self
Knowing it’s destiny
Recipient of a blackened heart
And wisened beyond despair

Poems are like dreams to me — subconscious thoughts. I write these things in 5 minutes or less. Pulling words haphazardly from a thesaurus or dictionary and tying them together with the first words that hit me in the head. When I’m done, I read what I’ve written and wonder, “Why those words?” Does it mean anything? Or did the word flavor simply please me?

It makes me feel better to put the stream of neuron chatter into something that (at least to me) is melodic and contains an undercurrent of strength and sly humor.

Speaking of humor…

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  1. Never thought I’d say this to anyone, but thank god you have worms! And who knew they looked so happy up close.
    Glad you’re enjoying Poetry month. I feel great after having written a poem…it’s the posting every day when I also have a story due, makes me a little crazy…but who wants to work anyway.

  2. Such happy pups…Java grinning, Latte either attacking or captured.

    Great poem…packing for a trip…to Colorado!

    And…Worms with personality…popping up to see their new world. I’ll have to closer at the ones in my garden.

  3. I gotta get me a microscope! Those are some rockin’ worms you’ve got:-) Well, this post so defines you, from worms to poetry to puppies ~ you are a very eclectic soul! Not weird Maery, unique:-)

  4. Your worms are interesting…..I would not call them cute though ( I have a bit of a worm phobia). Ha ha..The ones under the microscope are cute…Latte looks just like a Corgi.

  5. Heeehehe!!! I can tell the male worms from the female. Heck, ya learn somethin’ new every day. I didn’t know worms had boobs!

    Great pics of your doggies.

    God bless and have a amazin’ day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. The photos made me smile, but this:

    “Aren’t they cute?! I can’t wait to start collecting their rich little poopings!”

    made me *snort* and giggle.
    Seriously this should be on a t-shirt with your drawing of worms. lol!


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