Sunday Evening Frustration

It’s poetry month. I’m getting a late start. Don’t try to make sense of my poem. I’m not sure what it means myself. Perhaps an indication of how tired I am.

I meant no harm
I said to the wind
Blue jays cussed
As if to disagree
I’m searching for something
Maybe identity, peace, a road map
What was and is

It’s been a very meandering weekend – full of good intentions, things planned to start, to finish. The usual drill. The usual failure.

A few things were accomplished:

  • The seeds are planted.
  • The worm bin is prepped (where are those dang worms?).
  • The dogs were walked and walked and walked.
  • Horse feed was delivered.
  • Researched a few cameras (looking for something better for action shots and low light).
  • Researched places to camp in Colorado.

Things not done:

  • Haven’t selected a place to camp in Colorado. Information online and in books is so poor I don’t know how anyone picks a place to go to in an unfamiliar state.
  • Didn’t write a damn thing.
  • Didn’t read the book I wanted to get 1/4 way through.
  • Was too late to sign up for a photography class I wanted to take, which unfortunately won’t be offered again until next Fall. 
  • Didn’t get the house cleaned.
  • Didn’t ride.

The photo account of the weekend looks better than how I’m feeling right now so lets just go with that and forget the rest. After all, it shouldn’t just be about what you accomplish in a weekend. Right?

But the not writing. That’s the bad one. That’s the one that drives me over the edge.


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  1. I love the picture of Latte and Java 🙂

    So…did you say COLORADO?????

    I hope you are planning on coming to visit us at DVR!!!

    Okay-just had to make sure you knew that you were welcome here with both pups in tow!

  2. Your pictures are always so interesting…love Latte’s little face looking up at you.

    Your poem is intriguing. You paint pictures with words. Glad to hear it’s poetry month, am looking forward to more of them.

    Being tired often frustrates the positive you have accomplished. Be kind to yourself…

  3. Great photographs….again! Can you take the pups with you to Colorado? You absolutely must go see Sue at Dream Valley Ranch! I would love to be there with you.

  4. Are you planning horse camping or just regular camping? If horse camping, are you taking your own horse?

    When we were planning WY last year, we also checked into Colorado. Got a few leads from the CTRers. I can see if I still have them…

  5. Sue – I appreciate the welcome! I do hope to be able to meet a certain group of Colorado bloggers.

    Sally – I like that shot of Latte too. If only she was always so attentive.

    Lori – Finding a place where I can road trip with the dogs is actually one of the reasons I’m looking at Colorado. I had been looking at New Mexico, but it’s too far for a 9-day trip. It’d probably be best to go a shorter distance the first time out and see how that goes anyway. Maybe next time, I’ll head East.

  6. Tammy – Thanks for the offer, but there will be no horses. Handling the dogs will be quite enough. I sure am looking forward to trail riding again though. Both Luke and I are feeling a bit tired of the riding ring.

  7. I know how you feel Maery…so many things to get done in a short period of time. It seems as if nothing gets done. I keep telling myself that I need to be more organized, but for some reason..I have a hard time. Your Colorado trip sounds like it will be fun!

  8. I’m just thrilled that your gonna get to make the trip, it sounds like a great getaway!

    I bet your gonna be markin’ things off your list like crazy. Your on a roll!

    Loved the pics especially the one with Java and Latte!

    God bless and have a fabulous week sweetie!!!

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