Worms Attempt to Escape!

I couldn’t resist. I had to check on my worms and it’s a good thing I did. Bunches of them were crawling along the top ridge of the tub. None had gotten out but the loose fitting lid made me think it was only a matter of time. I flicked and plucked the worms to get them back into the center of the tub. Then I placed a couple lengths of wood an top of the cover and put four bricks on top of that to help push the lid on tighter. I’ll have to check tomorrow and see if that helps at all.

As soon as I finish this post I’m going to bed. Have you ever gotten to the point where you have gotten so little sleep that you lose your balance and do weird stuff?

This morning, I poured the coffee into a carafe and put the empty coffee pot into the microwave. I forgot to put the lid onto the carafe so the coffee was cold when I went to refill my cup. And I tried to screw the honey jar lid onto my tea cup this evening.

You know who is not tired?

Ah, even puppies need a rest break.

Look who ended up with all the bones AND the frisbee. Even Latte looks shocked.

The poem for today came to mind as I was poop pickin’ back in the woods. I probably shouldn’t have said that. It’s much more poetic without that tidbit of background information.
The air has 
the distinctive scent 
of damp decay. 
Musty and sweet.
Cool condensation 
sends shivers down my spine.

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  1. I picture your woods with last falls leaves under foot. Walking would feel sort of spongy. Imagine the worms you may be raising right there underneath…

    After reading your preface to the poem, I don’t think I would want to be barefoot, even in summer.

    Sweet pups! Can’t help but smile.

  2. Latte and Java look like they get along very well. How is it working out during the day when you are at work? I love all the poems you are posting.

  3. Aw…sweet pics of the puppies…I LOVE the one with Latte with her eyes closed. It’s like she is experiencing “the distictive scent of damp decay”
    Another great poem, how does she do it!?
    My Dad had a whole set up of some sort of fiberglass barrel with a lip on it…the worms, and the stuff you want to rot, have a certain amount of air. I’ll ask him about it. They probably have way better stuff for this now though. I remember running home from the school bus so I could be the first to turn the worms! : )

  4. Roxanne – I feel like a parent with a new infant, but then that’s not all bad.

    Sally – Yes, there is a lot of cleanup to be done of sticks and miscellaneous “other”.

    Lori – Java is such a help keeping the puppy exercised and occupied. I have a friend that lets the dogs out at lunchtime on some days. I come home on the other days, and I’m waiting for the shot records so I can put her into doggy daycare when we are both too busy to run to the house.

    Far Side _ Good idea on the oatmeal. I mainly have coffee grounds and fruit peels so I was concerned the food/compost will get too acidic.

    Jill – They are just cute little red squirmy things, but so sneaky… Now leaches, they are icky!

    Lynn – There are holes drilled into the tubs for air. The larger holes are covered with screen to prevent escape. The tubs have lips but that’s what they are crawling onto. Hopefully the bricks are squishing down the gap. Turn the worms? I’ve been trying to leave them alone, since they don’t like light, but light is a friend to me when I’m trying to herd them back into the depths of the bin.

  5. Little Latte looks a tad possessive gaurdin’ those treasures there! Heeehehe!!!

    Yep, ya gotta keep an eye on those worms…their slippery little fellas.

    Girl, ya wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I’ve pulled bein’ to dang tired to wiggle.

    Get some good rest sweetie and have a blessed day!!! :o)

  6. the worms should want to be in the bin. It is dark, moist, and that’s where the food is… just check that it is not packed too tightly (the newspaper and a little bit of dirt, I assume you are using for bedding), not too dry or too wet and bury the food, so fruit flies don’t arrive, that will also get the worms into the bedding and not the edges. Good luck! i’ve been vermicomposting 3 years now.

  7. Great pics as always, and thanks for making me smile with your thwarted worm escape attempt– You’re funny sistah (!). 😉

  8. Tina – I think I’ve done all the things you’ve mentioned but there are still quite a few worms all along the top of the bin and on the cover. Maybe it takes a while to get the worm environment going?

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