Snowblower Test Run

I got the “opportunity” today to try out my little Toro snowblower. About 3 inches of heavy, wet snow fell onto a rainy, slushy, ice base that was the result of the rain that had fallen all yesterday afternoon.

The mess gave my poor, little snowblower quite a workout. It also gave me quite a workout as trying to push the snowblower back towards the house on the icy, uphill driveway, where my feet kept sliding backwards, was a bit of a challenge. I should have thought to put on my spikes.

I also made some tactical errors as far as the pattern I followed while blowing and I re-snowed some areas and had to re-blow them. I also cut my hand on something, not sure what or when. Funny how that happens.

But otherwise… Well, I’ll just call it a learning experience. Ms. Mini Toro actually did pretty well as I saw my neighbor with his big-ass snowblower having to stop and clear it several times. Sorry, I’m gloating a bit.

Java enjoyed shoving her face into the snow.

She then found her red ball and tore around the yard.

I did a bit of a photo study of the effects of the snow on the trees.

And on my brick retaining wall.

All of this was followed up with a comforting hot bowl of soup made out of leftover turkey, a can of diced tomatoes, onion, and cumin, garlic, and pepper. It was plenty good as is but I topped it off with a dollop of yogurt and some tortilla chips.

Next I’ll be crawling under my down comforter — after I do some more writing of course. This was just a warmup…

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  1. Way to go Miss Queen of Focus! I am impressed. I am over here doing laundry and you are sounding so self-sufficient and driven. It’s really fun to see you like that:-) Java must just warm your heart, what a delightful spirit he brings to your life. The trees can really take your breath away, can’t they? We have 80+ oak trees on the property and each little twig gets frosted in such a magical snowy dressing. That soup looks mighty tasty. If I was closer, I would be knocking at your door:-) May the words spill from your heart onto the page or the computer, whichever you are using. I always kind of feel like the brain is for editing, but it almost gets in the way when I first begin to write. I need that clear channel from my heart/soul down to my fingertips. We await your words:-) Kathleen

  2. The pic of Java next to the fence is really a good shot!

    We just had flurries. Haven’t had any accumulation yet. YEAH!

  3. I love what irishk wrote. You are so prepared! Very impressed. Your tree shots are fabulous and I would love a bowl of that soup!

    I’m curious, how has Miss Java adjusted to you move, and does she do better there when you are at work? Did you bring the kennel with? She sure looks good and happy. Sounds like you are too.

    Writing…that’s a good sign!

  4. Love the pictures of Java. She is such a free spirit! Having so much fun. Your snow pictures are beautiful. We are getting a little dusting here today.

  5. Kathleen – I am feeling so far from self sufficient it ain’t funny. My shoulder is killing me from the hand shoveling I still had to do on the steps and the end of the driveway.

    Tammy – We are supposed to have another 4-5 inches on the way. Skiing ! Yeah!

    Lori – Java and Shy pretty much have free run of the house while I’m gone at work and do just fine with it. I sold the kennel before I moved as I planned to have the yard fenced.

    Jill – I love taking snow pictures of Java. It’s hard to capture the action because she’s as fast as a speeding bullet.

    Sue – Yes, she most certainly is…

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