Weird and Dreary

I rode Luke this morning. He was feeling spooked, very upright, and lots of spring to his trot. So much coiled energy, a sproingy trot in place feeling.

I got in a few good canters and a few leg yield steps before he got tense and we had to go back to circling. He’s doing good. I can’t wait until we get to go trail riding again.

After the ride, I took Java for a walk at Woodland Trails. It was such a dismally gray day — monotone, like watching black and white TV. Such dreariness makes me tired and makes me think of Shakespeare’s  Macbeth: “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”

The sun struggled to peek through the clouds without much luck.
There was evidence of buds though.
Some oak leaves still remain on the trees.
The walk must have worn Java out as she’s been sleeping ever since we got home.
This was the most interesting photo I managed to get today.

I tried to get some more photos of my owl friends. Unfortunately, they appear at dusk so the lighting stinks.

I wish this one had turned out clearly. He fluffed up his wings before heading farther up the branch.

I’m not sure if this is the male or female. From what I’ve read, the only difference is that the female is larger than the male so it’s hard to tell when they aren’t side by side. And they rarely sit together on a branch.

They hoot back and forth to each other and sometimes join each other on neighboring branches. Sometimes one owl jumps on top of the other. I’m assuming that’s the male.

Anyway, I love my owls. Their hooting is somehow comforting, and I’m thrilled every time I actually see them.

I’m still writing poems as it helps clear my mind of other things. I selected seven words this time and didn’t exactly stick to the every other line pattern. You have to mix it up once in awhile. Still I find it odd that the random words seem to have a commonality that works together. I enjoy when a pattern appears. It makes me think that if randomly chosen words turn out to be not so random, maybe life’s events also have a pattern that will become clear to me someday.


Her being 
Was immaterial
Wandering within
Her unconventional desire

Catalogue cards
Her emotions
And stories

Like her presence
In a wisp of silk
Caught in moon dust

Grinding of 

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  1. I spent the day with Zoma yesterday and we were discussing your many talents, one of which is poetry. She was saying she had tried the dictionary exercise and how difficult it was, so once again kudos to you. You are a multi-layered, complex, talented woman. Your words suggest this and then your eyes confirm it. There is something about intelligence that lies so deep within a person’s eyes, and I have seen it in yours. Sunshine on the way:-)

  2. Your owls are fantastic! I love that last photo! I hear and see them in the woods here, but never so close. You are lucky to have such a great view of them.

  3. Yep, I’ve been watchin’ the buds on the trees here swell up. Can ya believe it’s snowin’ right now here in southern Mo.

    Love your owls sweetie! What a great capture.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!! :o)

  4. Oh Owls..Keep the kitty inside:) Dreary here too..imagine that ..but warm=warmer than it has been.
    The little covered bridge was interesting.. spring must be did great getting some interesting photos..I need to go out and get inspired by something besides snow:)

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