A Fieldtrip

I took a vacation day today trying to get my groove back. Or at least laugh and smile a bit.

I didn’t die my hair purple, but did go with dark blonde, which is closer to reality than the golden tresses I was sporting. I needed something a little easier to maintain.

I baked oatmeal, chocolate chip, craisin cookies while I processed.  

I wanted to go somewhere different with Java. Awhile back, my friend Sue had taken some amazing photos of Minnehaha Falls in all its frozen blue glory. I decided to go check it out for myself.

The park is in Minneapolis and I passed by a very factoryish, dirty looking area on the way.

There are so many buildings like this.

And scrap metal filled dumps and rusty, graffiti covered cargo train cars. In some ways, it makes for interesting photos, but not so attractive to drive through.

Once we arrived at the park, Java and I encountered greenish-blue statues.

Java did not much like John H Stevens (June 13, 1820–May 28, 1900), who was said to be the first authorized resident on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

When you look at John’s face close up, you can’t really blame Java’s reaction. Are those eyes actually glowing?

Java was not as intimidated by Gunnar Wennerberg (October 1817 – August 1901), who is some Swedish poet, composer and politician. I don’t quite get why there’s a statue of him here.

Java was much more interested in the pee spots on the statue base.

Not sure what this face represents but it’s pretty cool.

This is Hiawatha carrying Minnehaha (from Longfellow’s poem).

I did not climb down to the falls as Sue and her Dad had done. I was afraid of Java yanking me off my feet (it was a bit icy) and tumbling down the steps. Instead, I took photos looking down at the falls.

This is the creek that feeds into the falls.

On the way back to the car, Java took a sudden nose dive into the snow.

And came up with… what else — a stick.

On the way back home, we stopped at The Tea Source, which carries about a bajillion kinds of loose leaf teas. I thought I should find something other than coffee to drink before bed and I like loose leaf tea better than tea bags.

I’m trying to slow down a bit. Not be so impatient, wanting everything to come together and be better NOW!

“All in good time,” says Java.

In the meantime, have a stick.

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  1. The falls are beautiful! I think that the statue of Mr. Stevens would have given me a scare with those glowing eyes. The picture of Java with her head in the snow is hilarious.

  2. Well, I’ve always said there is nothing like chewing on a good stick to put things in perspective:-) That Java should be a psychotherapist! My niece lives on the Falls…they are gorgeous and like the river here, I think it is most beautiful in the winter. I’m glad you took a day to play. The cookies look great!

  3. Heeehehehe! Java’s got it bad. Maybe we need to have a intervention and get him to ‘Stick Antonymous’ soon! :o)

    The falls are just beautiful. I red the post where Sue and her Dad climbed down.

    God bless ya and have a terrific weekend sweetie!!!

    MMmmm, I’ve made those cookies but always used raisins…I’ll have to try craisins. :o)

  4. Cool to see they’re still frozen. I’d like to go again this winter. The cookies look yum, and I’m glad to hear Java is still doing her job. Dogs/pets are so good at reminding us to be in the moment aren’t they?

  5. Beautiful place! Java cracks me up again, scared of a statue! Oh, actually one of my Aussie’s would be scared too! That is a scary looking statue!

  6. You got some great photos even if you didn’t hop the fence! I had to laugh at Java’s discovery..we all have things that make us happy..her thing is obviously sticks! 🙂

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