Happy Father’s Day

Fathers Day Poem

Dad on beach

It was always kind of hard
To find a Father’s Day card.
Nothing on the shelves seemed to fit the mold,
When you meet your Dad when you are 40-years-old.
No “Thanks for being there.” or “I learned so much from you.”
Just a simply “I love you” is all I could do.
I’ve been told you weren’t quite father of the year.
It’s not exactly what I wanted to hear.
But the man I found was warm and funny in his own way.
They say that was because of the cancer; you saw your limited days.
I miss you so. Oh, you don’t know how much.
I wish you were here, you could be my much needed crutch.
But it’s Fathers Day and this should be about you.
I’ll always cherish every moment shared, I hope you did too.
Your hugs, big and enveloping as the sky,
I will carry in my heart until the day that I die.
We are your legacy, your children, you see.
The best way we can honor your life is to be all we can be.
I love you Dad.
Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Well said.

    Every year I honor my mom by being me – even though that’s completely different from the way she was, in some details, but not in the important ways.

  2. You have such an amazing story. I’m glad that you got to know your father… and maybe even more so when he was a little older and more able to appreciate how important his relationships with his children were. You are so his daughter. I see his strengths in you… And that is an amazing picture of him.

  3. A very beautiful tribute to your Dad Mary…I’m so glad you were able to connect. I also got a kick out of the way music makes you feel. Dancing is great! As is music. I love to play the piano in the late afternoon when the sun is coming in the windows and nobody is home but me. The problem is….I don’t do it enough.
    Your writing style is so good! Really fun to read. I have a feeling you are having some decent moments.

  4. KB – From what I know of you, I would think your parents would be very proud of the way you live your life.

    Dusty, Lynn – Thanks.

    Raw Faith – His strengths and unfortunately, some of his weaknesses. The regrets he expressed in his last few years taught me a great deal, like relationships are a lot more important than spending all your time working, trying to get things done.

    Lori – Thanks for the compliments on my writing. It’s one of my passions that I’ve rediscovered. I too don’t play my flute and piano enough. My darn job gets in the way of doing so many of the things I enjoy, although it does pay for me even being able to do those things so I guess I’ll consider myself lucky.

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