Spring Cleanup

Finally! A nice day! Yeh! See Maery doing the happy dance!

You know it’s been tough weather-wise when a bit of sun and temps in the 60s make you crazily jubilant!

Lots got done today – raking, cutting down some buckthorn, gathering and burning branches, clearing flower beds of leaves and old growth, a couple loads of laundry, cleaned the house, and tried to brush out all of Java’s loose hair. Amazing how much energy the sunshine can give you. Oh, and amazing what a lot of help can do for you.

And amazing how tired you realize you are when you stop moving.

“Hey! What’s my stick doing in here?”

I’m really stuck on the poem thing today. I’ve written a couple different very lame pieces. For lack of energy, I’m going to have to go with this one:

Spring Cleaning
It’s time
To shake out rugs
Open windows
Unstale the air
Rake leaves
Clear out debris
Uncover new life
Am I talking 
Spring cleaning?
Or buffing up myself?
Summer is 
Around the corner
Or so I hear
I can feel
Some sort 
Of promise
What will I
Promise in return?

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