Wisdom, Wisdom, Wherefore Art Thou Wisdom?

In my previous “A Day of Running” post, I showed a book called “Expressive Photography” which is by the Shutter Sisters. It’s a guide to “shooting from the heart”. It contains the inspiration I’m seeking for capturing the type of photos I’d like to take.

In the introduction, Tracey Clark, founder of Shutter Sisters, wrote:

“It’s a powerful thing to use our viewfinder to picture the world around us. Photography provides us with the perfect way to express ourselves — as daughters, as mothers, as women, as artists. With each image, no matter the subject at hand, we illuminate what matters most to use, and that is not only inspiring, it’s transformative.”

I believe Clark’s thoughts express why I have been so completely drawn to photography at this point in my life. I want to pay attention — to every moment, every person, every place, every being that is important to me. I want to remember all of it as the treasure that it is.

Why is it
I admire
And treasure
Old stuff
But hate age
In myself?
I try to hide
Lost sparkle
I’m embarrassed
And apologetic
At my faux pas
Trying not to be
A “has been”
That hasn’t been
And hasn’t done
It’s regrettable 
What time has cost 
Where is wisdom?
The consolation prize
Blind devotion
To bad choices
A juncture
In the continuance
Called life
At this point
I can wither
To invisibility
Or finish off
An obvious choice


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  1. Great poem…..

    Always be…”unrestrained.” Reminds me of Frankie’s song…”My way!”

    Interesting photography book… It will be fun to share your view through the lens…”Alice In Wonderland.”

  2. I love the poem Maery, and the book on photography sounds like a good one.
    This poetry thing seems to be the perfect thing for you…you haven’t slowed down at all.

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