A Day of Running (not the good for you kind)

Latte hurt her leg doing something yesterday so today became a day to try and keep Latte subdued and catch up on some of my errands.

I took the Brew Babes (my new nickname for the pooches) to Petsmart. I think they should add a fitting room to their stores. My girls were very relaxed and sprawled out in the isles pretty much preventing anyone else from passing. It was also very embarrassing when Latte was squiggling to get out of the harness and I was so busy I forgot Java and didn’t even notice right away when she nonchalantly walked away to check out things in the main isle of the store. Thankfully, she was a good girl and did not mingle with other dogs and came to me when called. Whew!

Frantically running
To and fro
Store after store
Spending lots of dough
A harness for Latte
A double leash
For the Brew Babes
Two coupons from Borders
Fulfilled photo and dog obsessed craves
And this cool monopod
Can double as walking stick
Promises to make my camera steady
And me very quick
So what do I do
After I’m tired and spent
Sit by the fire
And repent and repent
That was one of the other things I bought, a fire ring so I can get rid of all the dead branches that were piled up by the previous owners. Well, and sit outside with a beer. Which is where I’m heading now.
And don’t worry about Latte, she appears to be recovering rapidly as you can see from the photos in this post.

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  1. Brew Babies…terrific!

    I wish you lots of fancy colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. Even better “Happy Shopping.”

  2. LOL! Brew Babes…cute. I love going to Petsmart to get birdie stuff and watch the dogs…fun : ) Very fun poem Maery…we’re gaining on it!

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