One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

The Mississippi River has gotten a bit high, making our usual path by the river impassable. But the high river made for a few good photos and of course, another poem. I bet you can’t wait until poetry month is done!

Oh, and on a side note. I have a new camera on order. I was looking at Nikons and Canons when I went through a series of questions and it appears the Pentax K5 is very good for the type of action, low light challenges that my current camera is not handling very well.

I’m very excited but a little intimidated by how complex the real DSLR cameras seem to be. But still, VERY EXCITED!

Dual Worlds
The river
Is being overindulgant
Swallowing up the shore

Lines of division
Warped and tangled
Trees stand confused
Thankful for 
Rooted grapplings
A phantom woodlands
Stares back 
From a liquid mirror

Dual worlds
Shift and dissipate
Which one is real?

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  1. Jealousssss. I want a DSLR. Maybe later this year. A friend had the same dilemma re Canon or Nikon & the camera shopped sold her a Pentex. No regrets – she loves it.

  2. Great Poem Maery. You really expressed the dualality really well! And you known I love reflections.
    Enjoy your new camera…but I really love these shots too, they’re beautiful.

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