The Week in a Blink

Give Me a Break
Drips off me
Onto the floor
Another mess
To clean up

This is not a literal poem as you might be thinking. There have been no puppy accidents for at least two days. She’s getting much better at not peeing in the house and she hasn’t pooped in the house for weeks.  Was that TMI?

All you artists out there, how do you like my sculpture? 

I call it “Do Ya Dig It Puppy-o? No, no,  yo” 
(see? I am tired)
Here is a bit of performance art by the Coffee Clubbers (need to come up with shnazzier name).

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  1. I think Java is quite fitting name!!! All that energy comes through loud and clear. My favorite pic is the one where the two stars have their mouths full!

    Once again..another great poem sweetie!

    God bless and have a great evening!!!

  2. Love the play photos. Sorry that you’re so exhausted. Puppies exhaust me… even when I have all the time in the world for them. But, their cuteness more than compensates.

    I hope that you get some rejuvenation this weekend.

  3. The photos of the doggies, each with something to drag out and play with…FUNNY!
    The poem…a tightly worded description of exhaustion…love it…and can relate.
    The sculpture…hmmm…the Walker might like it though : )

  4. I just realized you named the new pup Latte. And I was just going to suggest that name. Or, did I already? lol!

    I have a mini-mancha goat named Latte, too. 🙂


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