Skijoring Basics

Java and I managed to get to a skijoring training session today for the first time this year. Lovely setting, huh? Training takes place at an electrical substation.

Last year, we went to a couple training sessions and hit the skijoring trails several times. But Java wasn’t well trained enough and I had never cross country skied before and I got hurt a few times because neither of us knew exactly what we were doing.

So this year, I decided on two separate kinds of training, one for Java to get better at passing other dogs and to focus on and listen to me better in general. Java had a few timeouts today for jumping at me and other dogs.

The other training initiative is for me to learn how to ski better. The problem with the second training initiative is that eventually, to do well at skijoring, I need to buy skate skis and learn how to use them and I couldn’t afford those this year.

I may be too old by the time I have the rights skis and both Java and I are in the right place in our separate training. The redeeming factor in all this is that we’re still having fun in the meantime.

Anyway, I think the training was good for Java, and the people from the Midwest Skijoring Club that put the training on are super helpful. I got some great tips about my timing on commands and giving praise. 

And now for a cooking update… This was last week’s experiment – shrimp tacos. Pretty good!

And this was tonight’s roasted chicken and sweet potatoes with some kickin’ spicy seasoning — imagine fire shooting from my mouth… But both chicken and potatoes were awesome!
And for tomorrow… I don’t know, I haven’t figured it out yet.

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  1. You look so adorably winterized in your ski garb:-) That picture of you bending into a sitting Java is wonderful. I know just what her expression was! It seems scary to be pulled by a dog when you aren’t very accomplished on CC skis. Call me cautious, but I would surely wipe out! It looks like a fun day though, spent with one of your favorite companions ~ Java the jewel:-)

  2. I’m happy to see that you are not afraid to prepare great meals for yourself. I love sweet potato fries!
    The shrimp taco was a great idea.

    At least you and Java are out there!
    How cold has it been?

  3. Skijoring looks like a lot of fun! I can’t imagine being tethered to Zippy though. Your shrimp tacos look fantastic. I make those on occasion with a sauce made of avocado, sour cream, cilantro, and pepper of choice. Yummmm……The chicken and potatoes look yummy too.

  4. Kathleen – The being “pulled” wasn’t the problem last year. That was great! It was all the non-pulling things she did. This year, I want to get the training right and not reinforce the wrong things.

    Tammy – Thanks. I’ll let my photographer know. I had been walking up behind Java and praising her before I was told that I should make sure I was in front of her when I praised her because I don’t want her turning around towards me when she’s hooked on the line. So many little things I never thought about that do make a difference.

    Lori – Cooking for myself and other experimental diners has been what’s freed me up to cook more. I like a lot of things that my X wouldn’t eat. It was in the 20’s yesterday but the wind made it feel colder. I wish I’d been wearing more layers and something higher on my neck.

    DB – If you want to see actual skijoring photos, they are in an older post –

    Jill – Skijoring is a lot of fun. I wish I enjoyed the training piece more, but if I stick it out, the actual skijoring will be a lot more enjoyable and less dangerous. Your sauce sounds really good. I had something similar but without the avocado and I love avocado. I might have to add that next time.

  5. Hi Maery Rose, More training with Java can never hurt..I bet she likes getting out with you and just going where ever. Have you tried one of those Play It again sports shops for used might be worth a shot..some people buy stuff and never use it:)

  6. Far Side – Yes, the best thing for Java is to get out in different environments as much as possible and for me to work on training there, whatever kind of training it is. To work at home doesn’t do much as she’s so obedient without distractions but loses it all when we are out and about. Skate ski equipment, for some reason, is difficult to find even in the ski stores brand new. They bring in very little inventory and when it’s sold, which is usually early in the winter, they don’t restock. So of course, there is no such thing as getting a great deal on them. Maybe that’s why they do it.

  7. It looks like both you and Java had a fun training day! I think skijoring looks fun, but like Java, my Quincy would need lots of training. I’m reading your blog at 9:30am, and the food shots have made me hungry! I may have to try shrimp tacos tonight! Thanks for the inspiration!

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