I hate to keep showing the same old river shots and cold, stark photos, but hey, it is what it is this time of year.

And the river keeps changing. It looked like it may have come up over the walking path and then receded again. I only know that I couldn’t get this close to the red balloon before and all of the sudden there was a clear path.

Of course, when I started to hear cracking noises, I pondered if perhaps I wasn’t standing on solid snow, but maybe snow covered thin ice.

I didn’t ponder very long. Java and I quickly moved farther away from the river.

I played around with trying to capture a variety of tree textures — tree innards, tree bark, and naked tree.

When Java and I returned home, the hair battle continued. Sorry, kind of gross.

The hair looks a lot prettier when it’s on Java.

And now for a philosophical moment…

I watched the Packers and Bears game on Sunday. It’s a lot more fun watching a game where you don’t really care who wins.

What about the interception by Raji? You had to cheer just at the unexpectedness of it. He certainly wasn’t a runner and didn’t appear to know exactly how to carry a ball. But it was another one of those moments where someone was in the right place at the right time and went for it.

Aaron Rodgers seemed to be on target most of the time. Yet being rushed, hit, and generally pressurized, there were plays that went wrong or ones that appeared a mite desperate. In general, watching individual players, it was hard to believe that they could be so good one play and so bad the next.

So why so much talk about football? Because the moral of the story is that you can enjoy just about anything if you look closely enough for what’s interesting and beautiful about it. Okay, so it also helps to be with friends, gorging yourself on snack foods.

My point is that there were times in the game where players took huge risks. Things couldn’t get any worse and there was a chance that a risky play could bring big returns.

So you see, football is a lot like life in general — take risks, give it your all, and if worse comes to worse, enjoy the commercials.

(I actually wanted to make this a parable but just couldn’t quite pull that off in the 30 minutes I had available.)

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  1. “take risks, give it your all, and if worse comes to worse, enjoy the commercials.”
    WELL SAID– also the bit about friends and snackfoods helping– YES!

  2. Wow…waxing poetic about football ~ I am duly impressed Maery! Not only did they dare to take some risks, they did it with millions of people watching ~ yikes! Risks are so scary though. It is said though, that at the end of your life, you are more apt to regret the things you did not do rather than the things you did do. So I suppose we should assume that even our failures (risks gone awry) are better than never trying and never really knowing. It is so easy to stay in the safety zone of our own life though. I’m hugely risky in my own mind:-) I must confess that I am having a love affair with Java. Yes, it is true…I am totally in love with that dog:o) The profile of her in front of the stark trees is so fun to look at! Kathleen

  3. I’m a shallow team player. I read throughout the game and pause to enjoy the commercials.

    I so enjoyed your walk in the snow…great pictures.

    God bless ya and have a glorious day!!!

  4. I enjoyed the game, too, even though I didn’t care who won either. I was impressed with the 3rd string quarterback on the Bears–he got his opportunity and did pretty well, I thought.

    Your pictures are beautiful and make me miss our snow. Ours melted and turned to mud. 🙁

  5. Football scares me. I’m glad my boys don’t have any interest in it. That said, I suppose it’s not much riskier than riding or working around horses. The biggest difference is that you don’t need to win when riding a horse.

    You took a risk walking on the lake and I’m glad you didn’t fall through. That would have probably ruined your walk.

    I always enjoy seeing pictures of Java. She’s strikingly beautiful and reminds me of my little black fluffball that used to join me on walks when I was only a teenager. She was my best friend.


  6. Sue – Life lessons abound. Unfortunately, so does food lately.

    Kathleen – The Java is a cute dog. She seems to grab attention wherever we go. We’ll have to come up with some risky behavior next time we get together.

    Nuzzling – There will be no bloodshed but it might take me awhile to check out the award. Hopefully there’s not a time limit.

    Nezzy – I have a hard time sitting still or paying attention if I’m at home so if I’m going to watch sports, I need to almost be somewhere else.

    Linda – I agree about the 3rd string quarterback. I wonder if he’ll move up in rank?

    Lisa – I didn’t purposely walk on the river. I just didn’t realize the water came so far up the bank. River’s are sneaky that way when covered with snow.

    Breathe – I’ll do that. I’ve gone through almost an entire roll of sticky tape trying to remove hair from my clothes before i go to work.

  7. I love the river pics! I’m glad that you didn’t ponder for long. Snow and ice can be very deceiving!

    There are so many parables in sport… I was an athlete first and foremost early in my life. I learned that some risks pay off and some don’t but they’re almost always worth taking!

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