Simply Saturday

I took Luke to the park this morning. This time it’s Luke that has the happy feet. I’m not sure why I went with the lime green wraps. I think it was another one of those color purchases where I was thinking about being visible to hunters and not being mistaken for a deer.
Luke with leg wraps

I put the wraps on to protect Luke’s legs in the trailer, since he gets a little fidgety in there. Good thing I did because by the time we got to the park, one of the wraps was turned completely around. That means he was rubbing up against something and could have ended up with another cut if they hadn’t been on.

Another lone rider showed up at the park while I was tacking Luke up. His horse looked fairly young. Turned out to be five years old and going on his first solo trail ride. Bummer. I was hoping to ride with this guy but couldn’t screw up his training plan.

Luke started out pretty jumpy. It was kind of cool out and windy, which leads to extra energy. I was going to bring my camera along but seeing Luke’s demeanor, I left the camera in the truck. 

Luke and I explored some new trails. He actually settled down pretty quickly after we got going, although he got a little jumpy when we went through a portion of the trail that looked like a wash and had walls of dirt rising on both sides. He was probably looking for mountain lions to jump down on him, even though we don’t have any such thing around here.

Then we lost the horse trail and ended up riding alongside the paved road back to the trailer. It was a good ride. I felt a lot more relaxed and peaceful after the ride than I’ve been feeling for awhile.

Lynn and I went to a couple consignment shops looking for clothes. None of my pants or belts fit so well anymore so that’s mainly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, there weren’t very many pants available in small sizes and no belts that I liked. But I did find two tops and one pair of beige pants for the price of what you’d normally spend on just one of them. Score!

On the way to the consignment shops, Lynn and I saw this guy dancing wildly on the street corner, trying to draw people into Great Clips for a haircut. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good shot of his jive jumping. Looks like he jumped right out of his shoes…

Great Clips guy

Finished off the day with a little Java playtime. Java prefers logs to sticks. That-a-girl…

Java with log

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  1. Lynn – I’ll pick you up some lime green leggings if I see any. Thanks for shopping with me. Hate shopping but you made it fun. But the thing with recommending the senior housing for me – so hurtful…

    Dusty – I sure hope you get to hit the trails soon! It is so fun!

  2. Hey, that sign just wasn’t there before, I swear!
    I took my Mom there today…we saw the model…very nice! Too bad you are just NOT old enough!

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