Not too much to report on outdoor activity. The only aerobics I’ve done lately is to rush from my warm car to a warm building and some short sprints on my elliptical while catching up on the latest Grey’s Anatomy and Fringe episodes, that I watch on my tiny laptop screen.

Unfortunately, I’m not like Laurie on Three Dog Blog, who walks her dogs despite the weather. Sad that she’s been paid back for her conscientiousness with a couple episodes of dog bullying. All you dog owners probably know how frustrating that can be.

These are the kinds of looks and postures I get from Java. Does she look boredly resigned? Or is that an annoyed look? Probably a little of both…

I did get to Stillwater yesterday and took a few photos with my telephoto lens on my Canon Powershot. It always surprises me how challenging it can be to get the photo I want without catching the edges of the lens. I guess my telephoto lens is only suitable for really far away shots.

I think this is a power plant.

Words that pop into head when looking at these photos are – stark and cold. It’s much prettier in Stillwater in the summer.

The paddleboats don’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon.

Not a lot of people out on the streets.
The breeze made being outdoors even more delightful. But hey, isn’t the blue sky pretty?

I specifically went to Stillwater not so much to shoot photos, but to go see the group Reverse Cowboy at Charlie’s Irish Pub, which is in the Water Street Inn.

I didn’t get any good photos of the band because when I turn off the flash on my Nikon Coolpix, it slows it’s shutter speed so much that everything comes out blurry. I haven’t figured out how to override that annoyance. But I did get one somewhat decent photo of the dancing girls painted on the Pub’s ceiling.

Seeing Reverse Cowboy is kind of like getting to hear great music and getting to see a comedy act all in one. Good time and lots of laughs.

I left the pub feeling as giddy as the dancing girls. But right now, I need to do something to alleviate the Java boredom.

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  1. Oh I don’t know, Java seems pretty comfy to me.
    Stillwater is one of my favorite places to go on the weekends…lot’s of great places to see, and a fair amount of shopping.
    Great photos Maery!

  2. Oh it’s a dog’s life!!!!

    Java looks quite content and cozy to me. Kinda like when I curl up in front of the fireplace after a long day.

    Great pics :o)

    God bless and stay as cozy as Java!

  3. Stillwater is such a different place in the winter, I agree! You managed to capture the frigidness of the riverfront…I could just imagine how cold you must have been getting the shot. Hudson is another city that I would love to go and just wander around when the weather gets a bit kinder.

  4. I love the flag shot. It is so crisp! The only thing I can think of for low lighting shots is the use of a tripod, but who wants to carry a tripod, especially to a concert! I just purchased a purse-sized foldable tripod for my iPhone that has a camera attachment. I haven’t tested it out yet. Also, I love the Java and kitty photo, they look like they are buddies! Thanks for sharing your photos of one of my favorite destinations!

  5. Yes, Java is pretty comfy but the girl craves excitement. Even in this cold weather, she wants to be outside. If her toes get cold, she solves the problem by laying down and will still refuse to come inside.

    Kathleen – I was in my parka with my hood up. I was completely invisible and untouchable.

    Kathleen and Zoma -The flag photos were fun, trying to time them to when the flag had just the right amount of ripples.

    Zoma – Mini tripod — a new gadget to pursue…

  6. Java looks bored to me..the weather was so cold last week..we played ball and catch me games in the house in addition to some romps outdoors for short periods of time..a ride in the car seems to help too. You got some great photos of Stillwater:)

  7. i’m not sure i mentioned it to you before but java is one gorgeous dog!!!

    i know it’s really hard to get good shots of a black dog, but your photos really show her expressions.

    i just want to hug her and let her sleep on the bed!

    ~lytha in germany

  8. Hi Maery!
    Bear Guppie just texted Java and invited her to come play for a day or three-is that okay with you? He has a crush on her 🙂 so-if she is missing just check in with us 😉
    Lots of wiggles and whinnies from all of us,

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