Winter Wonderland

Okay, I’m warning you — lots of picture. We got more snow and it produced many photo opportunities.

It didn’t start out so lovely — snow blowing and stair shoveling = not fun.

But it turned out okay. Although, as I sit here with my aching shoulders and back, I’m considering one of those power shovels to do the steps.

Java implored me to go outside and play.

Her red ball was full of snow and this seems to somehow make it irresistible.

I was trying to call Java back inside. She appears to be listening, at least with one of her ears the other ear is ignoring me and it appears to be the dominant one.

When Java finally came in, she had snow paw balls to contend with. My laundry room has become my new mud room.

In the afternoon, I went to the stable and a couple friends were heading outside to ride, so I did a spit and shine grooming and joined them.

Camera shy
Nothing like a white horse in the snow, accented by Christmassy red saddle pad — beautiful.

We took a spin through a winter wonderland.

I need to work on my smile.

There! That’s better!

 And some people wonder how I can stand to live in Minnesota…

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  1. Two shots that I loved in particular…Java with one ear up and the first photo of the white horse. Great catches. You do have some snow!
    What was the temperature. How nice that you have friends to ride with…life is good.

  2. I’m sure Minnesota people know how to bundle up to remain at the maximum warmth, which makes it bearable to go outside. We in Northern Nevada used to have stores that only sold the very best winter wear until all the Californians started moving in and getting jobs in stores ordering clothes. They ordered fashionable clothes that are more appropriate for the weather in California than in Nevada, which makes it impossible to find anything warm here now. Years ago my father went to Alaska and bought himself a coat. When he passed away, my mother passed it on to me, and that’s what I wear now. Once it wears out, I’ll have to order another one from a store in Alaska or perhaps take a vacation there.

  3. Lori – Temp was only in low to mid 20s but the sun was shining and that made it feel warmer. I can’t take credit for first shot of white horse. I’m not much good at action shots.

    Nuzzling – I suppose that means you have a lot of Ugg boots in the stores instead of Sorels? We have stores like Fleet Farm that are pretty good on Carharts and such but I still end up ordering online to get outdoor riding boots and fleece lined breeches and blankets for my horse.

  4. I was wondering if anyone would notice my bare hands in the still photos. In the photos where I’m riding, I have my mittens with the separated little finger for the reins. They are good for putting in hand warmers. But in the bare hand photos, we were taking photos of each other and I needed the mittens off to handle the camera. They weren’t off for very long.

  5. At least you and the critters shine in the snow. Girl, that first pic with you on the white horse…needs to be a Christmas Card! Love your winter wonderland pics but ya’ll can keep the snow. “K”???

    God bless ya and have an incredible day sweetie!!!

  6. Lady Fi and Nezzy – Someone else’s awesomeness has been mistaken for mine. I’m on the stubby legged bay horse. The white horse and the gorgeous property belong to a friend.

  7. Great shots Maery! I love the smiling shot of you. When you smile, your whole face transforms! You are one of those people that I think are smiling inside sometimes, but you just don’t always use your mouth to let us know:-) And then if you are smiling when you say you’re going to take me down, I don’t get so scared:-) I am seriously in love with Java, she is just so darn adorable! Kathleen

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