Look Out!

Java and I made our first trip to an actual skijoring trail, accompanied by my good friend Lynn, who was along to enjoy the beautiful weather and to transport me to the emergency room if necessary.

Well, I’m sure Lynn also came for the sheer fun of being in my company… or is that Java’s company. And she took all the wonderful photos. Regardless, it was a marvelous day, with sunshine and mild temps. You can check out Lynn’s blog for a more poetic description of our outing and the awesome park trail we were on.

My biggest worry about going on a trail with other dogs and skiers is that Java believes that this is an open invitation to jump at someone or in their path yelling, “Wanna play! Do ya! Do ya! Come on! Let’s play!” 

I worry about people getting angry about such unruly behavior, but I don’t know how you train without exposing you and your dog to the problem you are training on. One man reassured me not to worry, that people on the multi-use trail are all dog lovers.

Still, It’d just be nice if the problem was a little more under my control so whenever I saw someone approach, I pulled off to the side and held Java while they passed. I would love to meet someone who was willing to ski past while I went full bore with Java to teach her to just keep going, but alas, I haven’t found someone willing to take the risk of getting knocked down.

I did have one guy race past me full bore on skate skis while I was waiting off to the side. After giving the man a good head start, I let Java race after him. Talk about fun! Java ran all out and I crouched behind her until we started to actually catch our man-sized rabbit. Then I had to yell “Woah” and put the snowplow brakes on. I think I pulled a groin muscle trying to stop the little speedster. (By the way, my daring friend Sue, I am totally ready to race along with you if I can take the lean, mean, Java machine.)

The only time I fell was when I was trying to take a photo of poor Lynn trying to keep up with us in her snowshoes. Java was so happy to see Lynn that…

How embarrassing. And then there was the going in the wrong direction…

And the occasional side trips into the deeper snow. Funny girl! And a good time was had by all…

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  1. What a gas! Fun photos. Good idea for that guy to be in front of you like that. Great motivation for Java, who looks like she is starting to get it.

  2. I had the most fun with you two! I’ll bet Java gets the hang of of the more she does it…now it just seems like she really only somewhat aware of your rapid pressence behind her. She’ll get it…such a good girrl!
    A beautiful day spent with you and JAVA!

  3. Those photos really show what a fun time you had. They’re beautiful!

    My favorite is the last one of Java!!!!!! I have this funny feeling that she wasn’t supposed to be down in that ditch at that moment!

    I’m glad that there were no trips to the ER!

  4. Oh my goodness what a blast!!! I am SO sad you and Java don’t live nearby-what fun to have a skijoring buddy to go play with!! Way to go Maery and Java!! And yay for Lynn for being willing to be the ambulance and for taking awesome pictures!

  5. Lori – It sure did make a difference in getting Java to move when she had someone to chase. It was fun for both of us.

    Lynn – Thanks so much for going with us and taking the photos! I hope you can ski next time.

    KB – We had pulled over to let someone pass and Java took advantage to dive into the deeper snow. So glad to have you back!

    Sue – I wish we lived nearby too. Believe it or not, none of my friends have dogs! I could use your experience to help Java with a few of her “issues” and it would be so fun to skijor with you!

  6. Maery-we would truly have fun together-I love your sense of humor and I adooooore Java’s silly nature πŸ™‚ She’s such a happy dog and is the kind of dog (like my Jesse Guppie is, too) that I think is the best teacher of all: live in the moment and enjoy the silliest of things πŸ™‚
    Big hug your way!

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