Did you know there is an actual name for a Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell cross?

They are called a “Cojack” and from the photos and description of the breed in the link, I’m becoming more and more convinced Latte belongs to this club.

Along with the agility course I believe I need to wear out my little Cojack, I have also come to the conclusion a sandbox needs to be installed. I read that a sandbox containing hidden toys can help with the terrier’s neurotic instinct to dig. Otherwise, I could just buy another wine barrel and turn it over to Latte. Do you think diggers have a preference for black dirt or sand?

In the best of worlds, I would have the finances to have someone design and install a pond (for Java’s love of water) surrounded by rocks (for my love of agate hunting) and a sand border (to satisfy Latte’s love of digging). It would be bliss.

A surprise snowstorm arrived the other day (again) and inspired me (sort of).

Snow Surprise
Snow fell
In springtime
Over green shoots
Pushing through earth
Coating branches
and rich wine-colored buds
Like a plush hotel robe
Invitingly white and fluffy

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  1. AWww, such cute pups.

    As far as cleaning paws…I think I’d vote for sand but dirt is probably more tasty.

    Your pond sounds perfect.

    Enjoying beautiful pictures, pups, and poetry.

    You should definitely put all this talent in a book

  2. My experience with diggers…they really don’t care, it’s all in the love of the dig!

    Your dream pond sounds wonderful. Loved the ‘surprise’ snowstorm poem.

    God bless and enjoy your Easter weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  3. The photos of the trees in black in white are especially beautiful…and they do look just like fluffy white robes, don’t they?
    And as far as digging…if it’s messy, she’ll love it. We had a terrier once who dug all over the yard. My mom was chasing kids in diapers and didn’t have time to redirect a doggie : ) 7 more poems left to write Maery!!!! This is harder than I ever imagined…but really fun!

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